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24 October 2023

10 frequently asked questions about Carmo wooden posts

10 frequently asked questions about Carmo wooden posts

Carmo wooden posts, high-quality and durable, are the ideal choice for orchards. Imagine how your orchard will flourish with Carmo... But what do you want to know before you buy them? Find out the answers to the top 10 frequently asked questions in this blog.

  1. Are Carmo wooden posts suitable for fruit canopies? Ja, Carmo posts are suitable for fruit canopies. In constructions, it is important that wooden posts last longer than one round of cultivation. Carmo posts came out of the test as the best. In the test, various wooden posts were tested on three aspects. Mechanical resistance, treatment and risk class. If you are curious about the technical details, click here.
  2. Are Carmo wooden posts suitable as tree posts? Yes, Carmo wooden posts are also suitable as support posts for trees. It is a great advantage that you can use a thinner post thickness with Carmo. A thinner Carmo post is stronger than a standard Tanalith wooden post!
  3. Are Carmo wooden posts expensive? Yes, Carmo posts are more expensive than standard wooden posts. It is important to see the investment in Carmo posts as a long-term choice. The investment is higher, only that pays off in the benefits.
  4. Are Carmo wooden posts prone to rot? No, Carmo wooden posts are highly resistant to rot. Contact of a wooden post with the earth results in faster deterioration. Carmo wooden posts are therefore treated in risk class 4SP. Carmo posts may and can therefore be continuously exposed to moisture.

Carmo Woord

  1. Are Carmo wooden posts a proper alternative to the banned creosote posts? Yes, Carmo posts are a proper alternative to creosote posts. There are carcinogens in creosote, which is why these posts are banned. Carmo wooden posts are not banned.
  2. Are Carmo wooden posts durable? Yes, Carmo wooden posts are sustainable and environmentally friendly (FCBA). The wood comes from certified forests with sustainable forest management. Also, the people at Carmo Wood are trained in forestry technology. And there are several foresters we work with. The sustainability is also reflected in the long service life.

Carmo Wood

  1. What is the lifespan of Carmo wooden posts? Carmo posts have a full 20-year guarantee! Does this mean that the service life of Carmo posts is 20 years? No, practice shows that Carmo posts often last more than 50 years. This is because Carmo posts are resistant to rot, insects and weather conditions.
  2. Where can I buy Carmo wooden posts? Carmo wooden poles are for sale at FruitSecurity Holland. FruitSecurity Holland roofs fruit and is a Carmo Wood dealer in Northern Europe.
  3. What is the delivery time of Carmo wooden posts? The delivery time of Carmo wooden posts is 3 to 4 weeks after ordering. It is also possible that the Carmo posts are in stock in Ede. In that case, the delivery time isrtijd 1 week.
  4. What alternatives are there to Carmo wooden posts? Besides concrete posts, there are several wooden alternatives. Dura2 and Robinia wooden posts are similar in quality to Carmo wooden posts.

What are the disadvantages?

Besides these questions, I would like to clearly mention the disadvantages of Carmo wooden posts. This so you can make an informed choice!

  • The named advantages also create a drawback: the price. Carmo posts are not cheap. An investment in Carmo posts should be seen as a long-term choice!
  • Is mentioned, the delivery time of Carmo posts is 3 to 4 weeks. The stock is located in Portugal. Do you need wooden posts very quickly? Then Carmo posts are not a good option.
  • When you buy Carmo posts, you are stuck with them for a long time. Carmo posts do not rot.

In conclusion

In this blog, I have answered 10 questions and described the drawbacks. Imagine how your orchard flourishes with Carmo wooden posts. Do you still have a question that is unanswered? Feel free to ask the question below!

Rick Mudde - English

Rick Mudde

Product specialist fruit canopies

My mission is to help as many fruit growers as possible get a good harvest.

So that fruit damage can be prevented, no delivery problems occur, and fruit growers can harvest successfully!