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4 October 2023

The 12 most frequently asked questions about the PowerFlex system

The 12 most frequently asked questions about the PowerFlex system

In this blog, I cover the most frequently asked questions about rain caps.

Question 1: should I choose film with hail netting or film with insect netting?

The advantage of foil with hail netting is that you can regulate the climate more easily. The film can open and close row by row while keeping the birds out.

Foil with insect netting saves a lot of work because you only have to open and close one layer. It also protects against birds and insects. Another advantage of insect netting is that it keeps the rain in the middle of the driveway during heavy downpours.

Question 2: What is the light loss

The first year the light loss is 11%. And eventually, after several years, it will be around 20%. As the film moves, it takes on a whiter colour.

Question 3: how long will the film last?

The foil lasts about 10 years. But that depends mainly on how you handle the film. If it is incorrectly mounted, rolled up, etc., the foil wears out quickly.

We have also seen orchards with foil lasting 12 years. This is possible if you maintain the system properly and roll up the film correctly.

Question 4: Why is your anchor distance so large?

The further the anchor is from the post, the stronger the system is. The correct anchor distance is calculated using Pythagoras' theorem: the 3-4-5 pitch. Is your system 4m high? Then the anchor distance is 3m, and the length between the head of the post and the anchor is 5m. 

Read more about the distances in our system here.

Question 5: How high should my rain cover be?

The ideal height of a rain canopy is one metre above your trees. This way, the tree can still grow, and you have enough space for your sprayer and other machinery. Sufficient space above the trees ensures a good climate.

Question 6: Why are there so many in-between anchors in your system?

These anchors are crucial for the rain cover. If the wind gets under the system without anchors, all the poles fly out of the ground. These anchors keep the poles in the right place. It is an investment that quickly pays for itself!

Question 7: Wood or concrete?

The difference is mainly in flexibility. Wood can handle enormous lateral force. Concrete can handle an enormous amount of compressive force.
Other than that, the choice is mainly a matter of taste. Do you choose uniform/straight or natural/curved.

What about durability? Our wooden posts have a 20-year guarantee, but we have seen posts that were 50 years old that still looked good. In this, the difference between wood and concrete is also not very big.

And price? Wood is slightly more expensive, but it doesn't make a huge difference.

Read more here!

Question 8: How long does it take to roll up and unroll?

Winterising a PowerFlex system takes 40-50 man hours per hectare. Bringing it into summer mode can be done in 20-30 man hours per hectare. A system with hail nets and foil is brought into summer mode in 50 man hours per hectare and brought into winter mode in 70-80 man hours per hectare. 

Read more here!

Question 9: Build it yourself or outsource?

This is different for each situation. But we are convinced that anyone can build hail nets with our help! So do you have workers/time to spare? Then you can very well do it yourself!

P.S. We have created a calculator to calculate your self-assembly costs. Click here.

Question 10: how wide should my headland be?

Minimum 6 metres. Especially if you cover the headland, we recommend 6 metres. This is often the ideal width.

Question 11: Should I install insect netting around the system?

The PowerFlex system has an excellent climate. So with this rain cover, it will do just fine. However, it is important to keep enough ventilation in your system.

Question 12: How does the climate work under this rain canopy?

The gutter allows heat to leave the system properly. Read PC Fruit's research here.

Is your question still not answered? Feel free to schedule an online meeting!

Gerben van Veldhuizen - FruitSecurity Holland

Gerben van Veldhuizen

CEO & fruitprotection specialist

My mission is to help as many fruit growers as possible get a good harvest.
So that fruit damage can be prevented, no delivery problems occur, and fruit growers can harvest successfully!