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19 June 2023

5 reasons not to buy a fruit protection system from FruitSecurity!

5 reasons not to buy a fruit protection system from FruitSecurity!

At FruitSecurity Holland we would love to tell you that we have the very best solution for every fruit grower. In fact, we often do. On our website, at trade fairs and via representatives.

We do our very best through innovations such as the BlueFlex system or the automatic rain protection system to help every fruit grower the best we can. But we do not have a solution for some fruit growers. In this blog, you can read the 5 reasons not to install a FruitSecurity fruit protection system.

Note: This blog contains many links to other pages on our website. To get a fair impression of why you should not buy from FruitSecurity Holland, we would recommend that you read this blog in full before viewing the other pages.

Reason 1: Pole distance

FruitSecurity Systems have a maximum pole distance. If this distance is exceeded, it is no longer a FruitSecurity System. A fruit protection system has a lot to endure in a storm or hailstorm. A hail net system and rain protection system must have immense strength to hold up.

Pole distances, and of course the thickness of the pole, are very important in this. FruitSecurity's posts and post spacings have been tested and this allows us to give a warranty. So do you want a larger post spacing than we recommend? Then you are better off buying from another supplier.

hagelnet systeem constructie

Reason 2: Anchorage distance

The same applies to anchor spacing, 3.0m anchor spacing ensures optimum force and tensile strength. If this is much smaller, posts are likely to break in a heavy hailstorm. Do you really need a smaller anchor spacing? Then the anchor can always be placed one post section earlier. Is that not possible? Then it's probably better to buy from another supplier.

Do you want to know more about anchors? Click here!

anker afstand fruitoverkapping

Reason 3: Price transparency

FruitSecurity Holland is honest about its prices. You can view all our prices via this link on the website.

Because we are honest about prices, we cannot provide discounts on our protection systems. This makes buying a rain cover or hail net system advantageous for every fruit grower. And you know where you stand even before you talk to us. That's fair, isn't it?

Disclaimer: every plot is different. Every month we have different purchase prices. As a result, the price given on the website may vary slightly. We make great efforts to keep the price up to date. And to make the price as fair as possible for our customers. The price in some countries may also be affected by transport costs.

kers betonpaal

Reason 4: Lifespan

FruitSecurity Holland finds it important that when we visit you in 10 years' time (of course we try to do this more often), the rain canopy or hail net system will look the same as when we built it. Because of this, we have exclusive contracts with the best partners in the fruit industry.

Looking for a temporary solution? Then we may not be the right supplier for you.

Reason 5: Installation time per hectare

The hail net systems and rain covers FruitSecurity builds are designed with the vision that is important to us: A well-tested, affordable fruit protection system with as little recurring work as possible.

A hail net system or rain protection system needs to be rolled up and down during the busiest times of the year. So this has to be quick and not too difficult. But also affordable. For this reason, FruitSecurity's systems have a slightly longer installation time per hectare compared to other systems on the market, so you can reap the benefits in the years afterwards.

Do you want to build your own rain canopy or hail net system? And does it have to be super fast? Maybe with a system from another supplier it can be done faster. But calculate the annual costs carefully to see which is more advantageous!

  • Want to know more about the installation of a fruit protection system? Click here!
  • Want to know more about installing our fruit systems yourself? Click here!
  • Want to know more about rolling up and unrolling fruit canopies? Click here!

drie rijen spuit hagelnet systeem

So what other hail net or rain cover suppliers are recommended?

Can we not meet your needs? We have written 3 blogs on the the best fruit protectors: Blogs on the different hail net systems from Valente Pali, Frustar, Baywa and its underlying dealers.

Blog on the different rain protection systems of Voen Foilcovers, Valente Pali, Quickzip, Rovero, FruitSupport Europe, Jan Bok Montage, Frustar, Nicolai Overkappingen, and its underlying dealers.

appels hagelnetsysteem

So what does FruitSecurity Holland do?

Now that we have covered the 5 reasons why you should not buy from us, and I have given you the best options in your area, let me briefly take you through what we can help you with.

At FruitSecurity Holland, we know you want to be future-proof. To achieve that, you need a fruit protection system that protects your crop.

The problem is that weather conditions, birds and insects easily cause damage. And that makes you vulnerable. It is our mission to help as many fruit growers as possible to ensure a good harvest.

Through our years of contact with fruit growers, we now know better than anyone what it must be like for you to see your harvest fail with just one hailstorm. That is why we have now covered more than 6,500,000 m2 in 24 countries and we work closely with the best partners in global fruit growing.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Schedule an appointment with one of our advisers
  2. Discuss your plot
  3. Experience the peace of a good harvest

So that you avoid fruit damage, experience no delivery problems to your customers and have no sleepless nights. And instead harvest successfully, cultivate with peace of mind and be future-proof.

Wondering which protection system is right for you? Get in touch: 

Wilbert Hendriksen    

Wilbert Hendriksen

Productspecialist fruitprotection

My mission and duty is to help as many fruit growers as possible get a good harvest.

So that fruit damage can be prevented, no delivery problems occur

and that fruit growers can harvest successfully!