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Latest news

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6 September 2022

Availability of ground and surface water

Availability of ground and surface water

The availability of fresh groundwater and surface water is of great importance to agriculture and fruit growing. In the coast areas irrigation is increasingly a problem. This is because the available groundwater and surface water is significantly salted. Since the construction of polders this salty groundwater is flowing towards the surface again.

As a result, fruit growers and farmers are often unable to irrigate when they need to. As a result, the harvest becomes smaller and smaller every year. Estimating when there is enough water in the soil is difficult. Until the first 50 cm it is often possible to estimate, but to get a good picture of the soil moisture it is important to measure at 4 different places in the soil. Not only above and near the roots, but also below the roots.

This is important because anything that ends up under the roots is not used for your plants or trees. So this water would have been better saved for next time!

Understanding your water usage in 3 steps

To keep growing in the coming years, despite the hefty drought, we need to give fruit farming and agriculture exactly what it need.

We help you in 3 steps:

  1. Request sensors.
  2. View the data.
  3. Water at the right time, and don't let your crop dry up!