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Bayco wire

Its high UV and weather resistance, its permanent elasticity and low weight make Bayco® the ideal wire for vineyards and orchards. Once stretched, Bayco® remains permanently stretched. Bayco® wire does not rust and is resistant to fertilisers and pesticides. Moreover, Bayco® is ideally suited for the efficient and economical use of mechanical harvesting equipment. The durable smooth surface prevents abrasion damage, which causes cancer in fruit trees. Bayco® is available in diameters from 2 mm to 6 mm.

Fruit cultivation - ideal wire for fruit trellis

Thanks to its excellent weather resistance and UV resistance, Bayco® is the ideal trellis wire for fruit cultivation. Even after many years, the material remains fully functional and resilient. Moreover, Bayco® is ideally suited for machine harvesting because the wire is elastic and absorbs the mechanical impact of the harvesting machine. Bayco® will return to its original position after stretching or re-stretching. The permanently smooth surface of the polyamide wire prevents friction and rust damage to the fruit trees and fruit. This causes damage to the plants, which are the weak spots for fungi and pests to be effectively avoided.

Hail protection

Weight is an important issue, especially in hail protection systems. Using heavy wires in hail protection systems means having to manage heavy loads at uncomfortable heights. It also means designing and paying for oversized poles and anchors to carry the enormous weight. Bayco® is seven times lighter than ordinary steel wire. Due to its elasticity, it can easily withstand the weight of hail or wind forces. Bayco® is a poor conductor of heat, so that net damage caused by heated wires is a thing of the past. Bayco® does not corrode and retains its smoothness throughout its life. Abrasion damage caused by rough wires is no longer a concern.


Modern greenhouses are becoming increasingly larger, so the challenge is to secure the film firmly without adding weight to the entire greenhouse structure. Normal steel wire is seven times heavier than Bayco®. Its elasticity and stress-strain behaviour make it the perfect synthetic wire for greenhouses. Bayco®'s smooth surface prevents fraying in the film. By retaining tension, Bayco® helps to protect the greenhouse in the harshest weather conditions. Due to its durability, Bayco® wire can be reused for second and third generation greenhouses. Bayco® monofilament - a smart investment in the future!