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Bird net mesh size 0,22x0,22 10x15m

Article number FSH101884
delivery time 4-5 weeks
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Throughout the year, growers work very hard to put a beautiful product on the market, which makes it extra painful when the crop is eaten by birds.

Eating the crop is not the only problem birds cause, birds also cause many fungi and diseases.

Therefore FruitSecurity Holland has the product the bird net, to protect the crop and offer harvest security to the grower.





The bird net is perfectly applicable for, among others, the PowerFlex system, to cover a cherry tree, or to protect your vegetable garden.

Because of the wide assortment of bird nets, it is applicable in all cases, therefore FruitSecurity Holland delivers its products to both companies and consumers.


The birdnet of FruitSecurity Holland is easy to install with for example: elastic, carabiners and C-clips.

The birdnet of FruitSecurity Holland is a UV-stabilized woven nylon net, this ensures a long life.

Because the net is woven, it is strong enough to keep all birds out of reach of your fruit and vegetables.

The mesh size of the birdnet is 22x22mm, the weight is 30gr/m2.

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