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31 January 2023

I want to buy bird net, what should I watch out for?

I want to buy bird net, what should I watch out for?

You are looking for bird nets for a particular application. Only you can't quite figure it out. There are so many different types of bird nets and providers. And with each provider, you have another choice of material, color, mesh size and dimensions. That makes choosing the right type of bird net a difficult choice. Which bird net is suitable for your application? This article will tell you!

What are bird nets?

Professional bird nets are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). HDPE, along with UV stabilizers, ensures that bird nets are durable. Professional bird nets or fruit nets are formulated so that the nets will last for years under normal conditions. So when choosing a provider, it is important that you choose professional bird nets.

What can I use bird netting for?

There are many applications you can use bird netting for. Mainly, bird nets are used to protect crops or animals against birds. Bird nets are often found in (fruit) orchards, near fruit trees or above ponds. Birds can destroy a large part of your harvest, so the choice for protection is quickly made. Bird nets over ponds also help protect fish and stop leaf fall.

What color bird net?

There are different colors of bird netting. The most common colors in bird netting are black and blue. Which color bird net is right for your application? Blue bird netting is more visible for birds, but is again more noticeable. Black bird netting is less conspicuous, but also less visible for birds. Under blue and black bird netting, your crops are equally well protected. In practice, black bird netting is often chosen.

What mesh size bird netting?

The most common bird net mesh sizes are 15mm x 15mm, 22mm x 22mm and 28mm x 28mm. For stopping sparrows, a mesh size of 15mm x 15mm is most ideal. For stopping starlings, a mesh size of 22mm x 22mm is best. For large poultry, such as crows and pigeons, 28mm x 28mm mesh is often used. The mesh size most often chosen in practice is 22mm x 22mm. This mesh size is ideal for stopping most poultry.

What is the weight of bird nets?

Below you can find the weight per square meter for each mesh size bird net:

  • 15mm x 15mm: 38 grams per m2.
  • 22mm x 22mm: 27 grams per m2.
  • 28mm x 28mm: 26 grams per m2.

The weights are for professional bird nets from FruitSecurity Holland. You might encounter other weights per mesh size at other providers.

What do bird nets cost?

The prices for bird nets vary greatly among providers. Professional bird nets cost an average of €0.47 per square meter. You can even choose all possible sizes. So custom bird nets where you determine the length and width yourself so you never pay too much for your bird net.

Where do I buy professional bird nets?

You buy professional bird nets by FruitSecurity Holland. FruitSecurity Holland specializes in protecting fruit trees against weather conditions. FruitSecurity has been building hail net and foil covers to protect crops for years. You can easily order professional bird nets online through the webshop. Need help ordering bird nets or have any other questions? Call or email FruitSecurity Holland.

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Rick Mudde

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