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20 April 2023

What is the best single row hail net system?

What is the best single row hail net system?

In the fruit growing sector, weather is an unpredictable factor that often has a major impact on crop yields. Hailstorms can cause major damage to fruit in a short period of time. For this reason, hail nets have become increasingly popular among growers. These hailnets provide protection against hail, allowing crops to grow and flourish safely, regardless of the weather. Influences such as too much sunlight, hard rain, birds and insects can also be kept out with hail netting systems.

However, with so many different hail net suppliers on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Comparing different suppliers can therefore be invaluable for you as a grower looking for the best quality and price. In this article, we outline some of the key criteria growers should consider when comparing hail net suppliers and discuss some of the key players on the market.

What is a single row hail protection system?

At FruitSecurity Holland, we call the single-row system or the roof system the traditional hailnet system. The traditional system has a 'roof' in each row. There are poles in each tree line, and each grass lane has a gutter for the hail to discharge into. Each supplier uses different clips, poles, nets, wires and so on (we will go into this in more detail later in the blog), but ultimately the basics of what the system looks like are the same. Some systems are better than others because of the difference in materials, and the way they are built. 

There are also systems on the market where the net is installed almost directly on the trees. FruitSecurity Holland calls this the Jacket System, but each supplier has its own name for their systems. These systems are often used in viticulture, but also occur with hard fruit.

The advantage of a jacket system is that rolling up and unrolling the systems is often much faster than that of a traditional system.

three-row system flat hail net system

What is the advantage of a single-row hail net system compared to a three-row hail net system?

A single-row hail net system can unload hail if it becomes too heavy. As a result, fewer thick poles and fewer thick wires are needed in a single-row system. The system is therefore slightly cheaper (Check the price here). Another big advantage is that the single-row hail net system is easier to open and close.

When is it better to buy a three-row hail net system?

Of course, the three-row system is ideal if you have a three-row sprayer. Also, under the three-row system there is less shadow, meaning loss of light, because there are only posts in 1 of the 3 rows.

What should you base your decision to choose a hail net supplier on?

There are several criteria you can consider as a grower when comparing different hail protection suppliers. Here are some of the most important criteria:

Quality: The quality of the hail net is obviously an important factor. The net must be strong and durable to protect crops from hail, wind and rain. In addition, the net should allow enough light through so as not to hinder the growth of the crops. Pay attention to the UV resistance of the materials, for example. On the hail net itself, this is indicated by the KLY value. Pay attention! This indicates only a small part of the story. The flexibility of the product is also an important factor. The additive that makes the material UV-resistant and thus gives the KLY value, makes the material hard and brittle. When netted, this causes mechanical damage.

Warranty: It is important to look at the warranty the supplier offers on the hail net. For example, some suppliers offer a 5-year warranty, while others offer a 10-year or longer warranty.

Price: Of course, the price of the hail net is also important for growers. It is important to look for good value for money, where the hail net is of good quality while remaining affordable.

Customer service: Good customer service is important when choosing a hail net supplier. If there are problems with the net or questions about installation, it is important that the supplier can respond quickly and effectively.

Installation and guidance: It is important to look for a supplier that is committed to good installation and guidance. Materials are only half of a project. Assembly largely determines the quality of the canopy. Manuals, assembly videos and animations help immensely in getting the construction right.

Different hail netting suppliers

There are several suppliers of single-row hail netting systems operating in the market. We are happy to list the different suppliers and dealers for you.


Valente is an Italian brand for hail protection systems. The company has its own system for hail nets and produces its own concrete posts. In the Netherlands and Belgium, Valente is represented by Hermens Fruitsystems of Beek, Limburg. Hermens Fruitsystems has more than 25 years of experience in fruit canopies and systems. 

Hermens Fruitsystems

As mentioned above, Hermens Fruitsystems supplies Valente's systems. Hermens works with an external GPS measurement service and an external installation crew. Besides hail net systems, Hermens also supplies support materials.

Hermens has various systems in its range: such as the standard protect hail system (Traditional System) and the easy protect hail system (Jacket System).

Hermens FruitSystems Valente Hermens FruitSystems Valente


Frustar is a company from Austria that supplies all kinds of fruit canopies. Frustar has 2 different single-row systems. Frustar supplies various systems, including a number of roof systems and Keep in Touch (Jacket System). These systems are built on wooden poles and concrete posts. Frustar has its own materials and also uses materials from ArnoPlast. Frustar also supplies support materials. Frustar's concrete piles are from the supplier Comavit.

Netteam NL

Frustar is represented in the Netherlands and Belgium by Hilco Strik of the company Netteam NL. Hilco Strik builds with an external installation team.

NetTeamNL Keep In Touch systeem NetTeam Frustar


Baywa is a German brand for hail nets. Baywa also has single-row hail nets in its catalogue. In addition, the Easynet system (Jacket System) is included in the programme. Both systems are built with wooden and concrete posts.


Baywa is represented by Frutec in Belgium. Frutec operates its own palm printing machine. Frutec only operates in Belgium, mainly in the Sint-Truiden region. In addition to hail nets, Frutec also supplies other contract work, such as a 3D planting plan. Frutec works with an external construction group.


Whailex is a very unique system (Jacket System). The nets are installed on the ridge wire. A tube is installed at the bottom of the nets. This tube allows the nets to be rolled up easily.

Whailex was sold in the past by Maurice Bouwens of Bofix. Nowadays FruitSupport Europe supplies the systems. Whailex can be self-assembled, but there are also construction crews that install Whailex.

Whailex, fruitsupport Europe

FruitSupport Europe

Besides Whailex supplies FruitSupport Europe also the Traditional Hailnet System from FruitSecurity. FruitSupport Europe can also completely supply you of support materials.

FruitSecurity GmbH

FruitSecurity is a hail net supplier in Austria that has dealers all over the world. FruitSecurity Holland mainly takes care of Northern Europe, but supplies all over the world as a dealer. 

FruitSecurity was created by fruit growers who were not satisfied with the systems available on the market. 30 years ago, hail net systems still regularly collapsed. As a result, the creators of the WIESEL brand name thoroughly tested every clip, pole, net, etc. before installing it over their valuable apples. 

FruitSecurity supplies the Traditional Hailnet System and the Jacket System as single-row systems. 

In conclusion

In this article, we have provided an overview of the various suppliers of canopies in fruit growing. We hope this article contributes to a good orientation in the field of canopies. As a fruit grower, you want only the best for your farm. Good crop protection is invaluable! Not only for harvesting good produce, but also because of the peace of mind it brings. I hope this article helps you make the right choice!

Are you planning to build a hail net system?

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