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13 March 2020

Corona update FruitSecurity Holland

Corona update FruitSecurity Holland

Dear Relation of FruitSecurity Holland,

It is known that the coronavirus (officially COVID-19) also reached the Netherlands at the end of February. For FruitSecurity Holland is it important to inform you about the possible consequences of the virus for your order. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) monitors the spread of the virus and indicates what measures (should) be taken in the Netherlands.

The supplier of our concrete piles, Spinazzé, is based in Italy. Our hail net supplier as a co-foil supplier are also based in Italy. Currently only supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, and public services are stilll open in Italy. The travel advice is currently orange and red. This means that it is strongly recommended not to travel there. Last week it was announced that the whole country is in quarantine. All public activities have been cancelled. Unfortunately, our suppliers are in the red area of Italy. In the Netherlands, the situation regarding the coronavirus is very uncertain. FruitSecurity Holland monitors the situation on a daily basis. 

What does this mean specifically to you? Deliveries are still on schedule, but the information surrounding transport is becoming increasingly uncertain due to the coronavirus. This means that we can no longer guarantee delivery times and announce them in advance. We are in contact with our suppliers several times a day in order to have all the information about deliveries and possibilities to be of help to you.

However, FruitSecurity Holland always has sufficient stock of articles in Ederveen for repairs and minor adjustments, for example. We ask for all understanding in this force majeure and willl keep you informed. If you have any questions and/or comments, you can always contact FruitSecurity Holland directly.

Kind regards,
The team of FruitSecurity Holland
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