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Latest news

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9 December 2021

Customer report (4): Slabbekoorn Fruit from Kapelle (NL)

Customer report (4): Slabbekoorn Fruit from Kapelle (NL)

FruitSecurity Holland has finished the Flat Hail Net System at Slabbekoorn Fruit. 

Martijn Slabbekoorn

Martijn Slabbekoorn: "We have chosen the reliable Flat Hail Net System of Fruitsecurity Holland. We work with three-row sprayers, so the Flat Hail Net was a logical choice. Considering the future of automation in robotic spraying, it does not matter which system you choose. Only the Flat Hail Net System can always be used. Fruitsecurity Holland delivered the covering Turn-Key. This saves me a lot of worries. I am a fruit grower and we have to focus on growing fruit. It is great if you can outsource the construction of the hail nets, especially for this plot. There are three pipes running under the plot: gas, electricity and chemicals. There is also a high-voltage overhead line. So there were four authorities that interfered with the permit and the construction of the covering system. You name it. FruitSecurity Holland handled the entire process with the pipeline operators. Because FruitSecurity Holland does the GPS measurement and design itself, it was easy to switch with these parties. They clearly have experience in dealing with such parties. In the end, everything was neatly arranged. Additional earthing was required for the overhead wires in order to comply with the NEN 1010 standard. Despite the many anchors on the outside of the system, the controller found it necessary to have earth pins placed, which are required for the NEN 1010 standard. Fruitsecurity Holland has placed these. The entire project from preparation to delivery was completed to our full satisfaction."

Slabbekoorn Fruit Flat Hail Net System

Turn-key projects

We at FruitSecurity Holland are very happy with the project and the way it went. It was great to work with Martijn Slabbekoorn of Slabbekoorn Fruit. The experience we gained with the various pipeline and cable operators is also valuable. This in view of other projects at growers facing the same challenges. FruitSecurity Holland can supervise the entire project from start to finish in order to provide the best harvest security through harvest protection.