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21 April 2023

Everything you need to know before ordering tunnel film

Everything you need to know before ordering tunnel film

As a fruit grower, you are always looking for ways to protect your crops and optimise your harvest. Using tunnel foil can help. But what exactly is tunnel liner? How can tunnel foil be used and which crops can be protected with it? In this article, we discuss the applications of tunnel film in fruit growing and give some tips on where the best place to buy tunnel film is in the Netherlands.

What is tunnel film?

Tunnel film, also known as greenhouse film or agricultural film, is a thin polyethylene plastic. Polyethylene is a durable and flexible material that is resistant to Uv-radiation and weathering. Properties can be added to tunnel film to optimise its use for all kinds of different crops. For the development of the crop, it is very important which type of polyethylene tunnel film you choose. The following properties can be added to the tunnel film:

1. Thermiciteit

With EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), you can reduce heat loss at night in your tunnel or tunnel greenhouse.

2. Anti-condens

To prevent disease in crops, and excess light reflection due to condensation, you can have Anti-Drip added as a feature. The Anti-Drip addition ensures that the drops stick to the tunnel film and are discharged as water.

3. Anti-fog

When fogging occurs, fogging can lead to condensation. Anti-fog ensures that the fog is absorbed by the tunnel liner and drained downwards as water via the anti-fog layer.

4. Anti-dust

This feature of the tunnel film reduces algae growth on the foil and allows sand and dust to slide off the tunnel film.

5. UV stability

Excessive solar radiation can damage crops, causing fruit crops to burn. Therefore, add UV feature to the tunnel film that protects the crop, as well as the foil, from ultraviolet light.

6. Light transmission

Diffuse light reduces shadow and provides the plant with a better distributed light during the day. This allows the plant to get more light from the PAR range of the light spectrum, both for the upper leaves and the lower leaves. Thus, more photosynthesis takes place. Maximum PAR range transmittance of polyethylene film is therefore necessary.

If you want to read more about this, you can click here. That article has all kinds of information about the properties in tunnel films.

Use of tunnel film

Tunnel film is used to protect crops from various weather conditions and pests. Tunnel film is also used to influence the growing conditions of crops. An ideal microclimate can be created under the tunnel foil, which benefits crop growth. In the Netherlands, with a temperate maritime climate, this offers many advantages for fruit growers.

tunnel film

Crops that can be protected with tunnel film

Tunnel film is used for growing various fruit crops, for example strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, redcurrants and grapes. Tunnel film is also used over bi-coloured roses, nectarines and red-leaved lettuce.

Polythene tunnel film protects crops from frost, wind, rain, hail and insect pests, reducing the risk of disease and damage. Tunnel film can also help accelerate crop growth and extend the growing season, resulting in higher yield and quality of harvest. For crop development, it is important to choose the right type of tunnel film. Different properties can be added to the tunnel film that improve its quality. Such as: thermality, anti-condensation, anti-fog, anti-dust, UV stability and light transmission.

Where can I order tunnel film?

Tunnel film can be ordered almost everywhere offline and online. Available from horticultural suppliers, agricultural shops, garden centres and fruit growing web shops. As described, tunnel foil is not just another piece of plastic you place above your crops. It is important to get high-quality tunnel film to ensure that it is durable and effective in protecting your crops. Therefore, when buying tunnel film, pay attention to the thickness, UV stability and dimensions suitable for your specific crops and growing conditions.

We have years of experience in protecting crops with tunnel film. We would like to help you make the right choice in buying tunnel film. Therefore, below are some companies that, like us, sell high-quality tunnel film:

  1. Fruit Support Europe

Fruit Support Europe is a supplier of support materials and canopies in fruit growing. Fruit Support Europe can supply all kinds of different types, widths and lengths of high-quality tunnel sheeting. Widths possible from 1.8m to 14.5m. In the most common thicknesses: 100, 150, 180 and 200 microns. Lengths on request.

  1. Homma Kunststofverwerking

Homma Kunststofverwerking processes many types of flexible plastics and fabrics for all kinds of applications. Homma Plastic Processing supplies various high-quality tunnel films from their web shop. Tunnel films for professional and hobby crops. Many different widths possible in the most commonly used thicknesses: 100, 180 and 200 microns. Lengths from 1.0m possible online.

  1. Meteor Systems

Meteor Systems supplies tunnel film for outdoor cultivation of delicate crops. Meteor Systems aims for optimal utilisation of light, air and water and has extensive experience in soft fruit growing technology under plastic tunnel film. Tunnel film for professional crops in various types, widths and lengths.

Of course, there are other manufacturers and companies that can supply high-quality tunnel film. It is advisable to look for reliable suppliers with good reviews to ensure that you get the best tunnel film that improves the conditions of your crops. And compare different suppliers based on price, quality and service to make the best choice for your specific needs.

tunnel film berrys

Increase yields with the right tunnel film

Tunnel film is very valuable in fruit growing to protect crops and increase yields. It creates an ideal microclimate under the tunnel foil, providing optimal growing conditions for fruit crops.

When buying tunnel film, it is very important to choose the right supplier. Invest in high-quality tunnel foil and enjoy its benefits to take your fruit growing to the next level.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand what tunnel foil is, how it is used in fruit growing and where to buy it. By using tunnel foil correctly, you can protect your fruit crops from weather conditions, pests and promote a healthy harvest. Enjoy the benefits of high-quality tunnel liner!

Need more advice on buying high-quality tunnel liner? About which tunnel film is best for your crops? Can't figure it out yourself? Call +31 318 30 17 31 or fill in the form below.

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