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Flat hail net.

Flat hail net.

Harvest security through harvest protection.

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Flat hail net system

The Wiesel flat hail net system was the first system FruitSecurity introduced to the market. The very first three-row system for the three-row sprayer. The most unique feature of the flat hail net system is the working space underneath the hail net.


Characteristic of the flat hail net system is the row distance. Driving distances of up to 11 metres are possible. This with driving heights up to 5.0m and post distances up to 3.5m. The desired height of the system can always be discussed. Due to these characteristics of row distances, row heights and post distances, it is possible to use a 3-row sprayer. This provides ideal protection against hail and sunburn.

Multi-row sprayer under hail net flat

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Teus de Jong

Teus de Jong

As experts in the field of protection, we are happy to help you! We will visit you and discuss the possibilities. Make an appointment.

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Extraction system

The WIESEL hail netting system works without emptying hail. The system therefore avoids damage from scattered hail. The Plaknet has been extensively tested in areas with very strong winds and under heavy snow loads for wind and rain permeability.

30cm Snowtest Austria


The anchoring is the most important part of the system. It is therefore advisable to maintain sufficient distance between the post and the anchor. In the case of the Flat Hail Net System, an anchor distance of at least 3.0m is recommended. FruitSecurity Holland has an anchor for every type of soil. From the softest soil to the most stony soil. If there is any doubt about the type of soil, we first test the screw anchors extensively to make sure they offer sufficient resistance. A tensile strength of 2.5 to 3 tonnes is required. The anchoring of the flat hail nets has been extensively tested on stability by FruitSecurity Holland.

Hail nets

FruitSecurity Holland has developed its own type of hail net. The hail net type WIESEL with a mesh size of 2.8mm x 8.7mm is the optimal protection against small and large hail stones. Different colours of hail nets can be chosen. FruitSecurity Holland supplies hail nets in the colours: Crystal, Grey, Black, Light Grey and Milk White. If you need a different colour, this is possible after consultation. The colour of the hail nets depends on the variety and the light conditions in the orchard. The hail nets are placed on the crosswire, so that there is no contact with the fruit trees under the flat hail net system.

Light loss

The flat hail netting system has the least light loss in comparison with other systems. The least light loss is due to the fact that less square meter of hail nets are needed on the system. The three most common types of hail nets are crystal, grey and black. Crystal has an 8% shade, grey 13% and black 18%.

Winter storage

The WIESEL Winterfix is the fastest, simplest and most economical solution for the winter storage of hail nets. It is easy to assemble and can be left in place all year round.

Flat hail net system

Plaques and clips

The attachment of the hail nets to the longitudinal wire is another important point. For this purpose, a net cam clip is used. The net cam clip fixes the netting only at a few, specific points. As a result, the hail net still has sufficient room to move. In case of (strong) wind it does not move at the same point. This benefits the service life of the hail net.

The WIESEL plaket model 13 is perfect for use with the flat hail net system. It is extremely stable and causes minimum spreading damage. It makes it easy to open and close the hail net system. An additional advantage is that the sheet can be dismantled. The flat hail netting system is also characterised by the lowest number of stickers (model 13) per hectare. This is in relation to other systems. The fewest strips per hectare guarantee efficient opening and closing.

Vlak hagelnetsysteem

FruitSecurity devises, supplies and installs

FruitSecurity Holland has years of experience in the protection of fruit trees. We are also active in protecting plants, shrubs and trees at tree nurseries and even cars.



Carmo poles

The traditional hail netting system can also be installed on wooden posts. Carmo posts are made from the wood type Pinus Sylvestris. This type of wood is distinguished by its structure and has stronger fibres.



The GT Stick is used to support the trees in the orchard. The use of the GT Stick has many advantages. The aluminium stick is 100% recyclable and is easy to attach in the orchard. 


Gravel trunks

Gravel trunks do not damage the hail nets and insect nets. Closing the systems with gravel hoppers is easy. We deliver the gravel trunks filled.


Who are we

Meet the team of FruitSecurity Holland. You can reach us in all possible ways.

Gerben van Veldhuizen

Innovative entrepreneur
Gerben van Veldhuizen

Gerben van Veldhuizen is founder and owner of FruitSecurity Holland. From Gerben founded, together with Teus de Jong, FruitSecurity Holland. As an innovative entrepreneur Gerben is responsible for the general management within FruitSecurity Holland.

Teus de Jong

Technical director
Teus de Jong

Teus de Jong is founder and owner of FruitSecurity Holland. From, Teus founded FruitSecurity Holland together with Gerben van Veldhuizen. As technical director, Teus is responsible for the implementation of the assembly of all systems of FruitSecurity Holland.

Rick Mudde

Sales Manager
Rick Mudde

Rick Mudde is a sales manager office at FruitSecurity Holland. Rick supervises projects within FruitSecurity Holland. This by coordinating purchasing, sales and logistics.

Jared Zoutewelle

2D&3D Designer
Jared Zoutewelle

Jared Zoutewelle is 2D/3D designer at FruitSecurity Holland. Jared calculates and draws 2D and 3D calculations of the canopies of FruitSecurity Holland based on GPS measurements.

Wilbert Hendriksen

Sales Manager
Wilbert Hendriksen

Do you have questions about tunnel film, sensors, or crop protection in general? Then call or email Wilbert Hendriksen our sales manager!

Jacco Diepeveen

Project Manager
Jacco Diepeveen

Jacco Diepeveen is project manager at FruitSecurity Holland. Jacco is the link between inside and outside service for the installation. Jacco has experience in leadership positions.

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