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Foil E2118 200 Micron (6.5m)

Article number FSH101153
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The foil E2118 is an bright stabilized polyethyleen foil, the foil is made to insure PAR-lighttransmission. The thickness of the foil can vary from 100 micron to 200 micron. The width of the foil can vary between 1,0m and 14,5m.


The foil E2118 blocked U.V.-radiation. The life span of the foil is dependent of the ventilation and the dampness in the glass house.


The foil has a life span of 4 years with an KLY-value of 120-140. The KLY-value in the Netherlands is 80, when the KLY-value is under the 120-140 the life span of the foil is longer.

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