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Tunnel and greenhouse foil in Gelderland

Tunnel and greenhouse foil in Gelderland

Harvest security through crop protection.


Suitable foil systems in Gelderland

FruitSecurity Holland, based in Ede in the Dutch province of Gelderland, specializes in harvest security through harvest protection. As a Dutch company we are of course familiar with the changing weather and the great challenge for the arable farming and horticulture sectors in the Netherlands to protect their crops. Especially fruit cultivation is vulnerable to changing weather conditions: too little or too much rain, too much wind, too little or too much sun in the wrong places. FruitSecurity Holland has developed various types of tunnel film and greenhouse film to control or influence the climate around crops.

Anti-rain system for good control

The latest innovation in the field of rain caps is the Anti-rain system. Specially developed for fruit cultivation for good control and dosage of rainwater. 

The system is easy to open and close, allowing you to choose to close your system several times a year for frost, for example. The anti-rain net is very tightly woven so that it looks like film and stops 90% of the rain. It does not let rain directly through but produces a fine mist so the crop remains moist. The anti-rain system has good ventilation, is wind resistant and flexible through the use of elastic, and ensures that the wind can get out of the system. Direct sunlight is refracted and provides better light distribution. Warm air draws well away from under the anti-rain net. With a solid anchorage, available for any type of soil, the system stands like a house. The anti-rain net is easy to roll up and store.

Polyethylene film

FruitSecurity Holland supplies tunnel foil and greenhouse foil in all shapes and sizes to protect your crop. It is important that the film fits the type of crop you grow and you can consider the various properties that we can add to the film, such as: anti-condensation, thermicity and light transmission. This way you can influence the climate around your crop in the right way.

Light and warmth

Polyethylene film is mainly used for growing soft fruits such as: strawberries, blueberries, redcurrants and raspberries. Our tunnel film and greenhouse film have an ideal light transmission (transmission) and light diffusion, allowing all parts of the plant to have sufficient light throughout the day. The films are UV resistant and retain heat at night in tunnel and greenhouse.

Diamond foil

For more intense weather conditions in Gelderland, we developed Diamond foil, with an emphasis on dosing, controlling, transmitting and diffusing sunlight.

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Powerflex foil Systeem

This system falls under the category of rain hood and was specially developed for growing cherries, and later further developed for growing raspberries, blueberries, redcurrants and blackberries, the domain of fruit growers in the Betuwe, Gelderland. The system is easy to open and close, especially important if you want to keep the frost out. Rainwater is collected and drained via a gutter. This system also has excellent anchoring and is wind resistant. The film has good light diffusion and prevents sunburn on the crop.

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Greenhouse foil and tunnel foil

FruitSecurity Holland devises, supplies and installs

Also watch videos on our YouTube channel: FruitSecurity Holland

Powerflex system variants

The Powerflex Foil System is available in several varieties:

  • Constructed + Madness
  • Construction + Foil + Hail net
  • Construction + Foil + Insect net (in the gutter and all around)

The Powerflex Foil System is a woven foil, laminated on one or two sides. It has a long life and is therefore very durable. Store well for the winter in the ridge, in specially designed black foil (Thermoplast).

The system is also available with insect netting (different gutter widths) against insects and birds, as well as against rain. The Powerflex system can be used for: rain protection, hail protection, insect protection, frost protection, bird protection, sun protection and harvest delay.

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