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Plakets and clips

Good materials for the cover are important for the life of the film and the film cover. The covers of Fruitsecurity Holland are used for the protection of cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, redcurrants and strawberries. Often the Powerflex film system is used to provide protection against rain, hail, wind, birds, insects and sunburn. Because the systems must withstand all weather conditions, the right component in the right place is important. 

Wind stability

Wind stability can be ensured in 2 ways. The first way is to stretch the film inside the system. The first way is to stretch the foil tightly in the cover system.  The structure must have sufficient resistance to withstand wind and precipitation. The second option is an elastic joint in the gutter. If the wind strikes the foil, the elastic will catch the resistance. The liner can move with the wind and during heavy precipitation. An advantage of the elastic joint is that it moves with the wind and keeps the impact of rain to a minimum.


Plakets for the elastic are attached to the reinforced edge of the film. The plackets, also called the white film clips, are screwed onto the film. The surface of the plaket provides the grip. The elastic hook is designed to keep the elastic securely in the hook during the season. When opening and closing the rain cover, however, the elastic can be easily removed from the plaket. so the system can be opened and closed quickly.

Winter position

When the Powerflex Foil System goes into winter mode, the foil is stored in the black foil that is attached to the ridge. This black ridge consists of Thermoplast. This special, black, strong foil is attached to the ridge wire with the ridge clip with 2 screws.  The ridge is waterproof and provides protection for the foil in the period when it is not needed for protection. The ridge is kept closed with elastic with ball. At FruitSecurity this is called Wieselfix and Legafix.