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Wooden poles type Carmo

Wooden posts for your orchard. FruitSecurity works exclusively with Carmo Wood and Carmo poles. Quality and lifespan are very important for fruit coverings. Carmo poles are guaranteed good by a 20-year warranty. A 20-year guarantee is unique for wooden poles. The Carmo wooden poles are impregnated with Tanalith 8001. This treatment gives a longer lifetime under the right conditions. Carmo wooden poles come from Portugal. The poles are made exclusively of Pinus Pinaster, the Mediterranean pine. Carmo poles are peeled. The wooden poles have a natural appearance but keep their strength through peeling only. This makes the wooden poles suitable for hail nets in apple and pear orchards and for rain covers such as the Powerflex Film System for cherries, blueberries, raspberries, redcurrants and strawberries.

Pinus Pinaster

Carmo poles are produced from Pinus Pinaster trees. This is in contrast to most poles that are produced from Pinus Sylverstris. This Mediterranean conifer has a long fibre structure that gives the wooden posts 25% more strength. The location of production is not unimportant in the process. These trees grow slowly in FSC-approved forests in the Mediterranean. These forests are sustainably managed by Carmo. The ideal climatic conditions in Portugal allow the wooden posts to dry sufficiently before being treated with Tanalith 8001. The independent inspection body FCBA that supervises the treatment of poles has a minimum treatment of 15 litres of Tanalith per m3 wood as a guideline for class 4 wood. Carmo treats its poles with 28 litres of Tanaltih per m3.

Anti-fungal additive

The treatment of the poles only takes place when the moisture content is between 18% and 20%. The piles dry in a natural way. Not in drying ovens. The piles are treated with Tanalith 8001. This type of Tanalith contains an additive against fungi that is copper resistant. This gives the posts a guaranteed life span of 20 years.

Peeled wooden posts

Carmo poles are peeled poles. Peeled poles are stronger than milled poles. This is because the core is always in the middle. The Carmo poles give a natural look to orchards and coverings. Due to the long life span Carmo poles are very durable. Carmo poles are widely used in Southern Europe for fruit support, hail nets, foil covers and vineyards. The rise to Northern Europe is continuing. Everybody discovers the long lifetime of Carmo poles.