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Frost oven stainless steel with ring

Article number FSH101334
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Frost oven of stainless steel. The oven of black-plate steel has een life span 20 years. 2 different ovens of different materials. The oven made of black-plate steel and an oven of stainless steel. Frost ovens are a good method to protect against frost. The ovens are also a good solution for where other frost protection methods does not work. For example when irrigation in orchards is not possible. The advantage of a frost oven is the high efficiency, the burning hours of the oven are 6 hours. But with reheating the burning time can be longer. The oven is not bad for the enviroment and less smoke. Wood or peat briquettes are recommended, but it is also possible to use firewood. Frost ovens are tested together with firepost. The difference between frost ovens and fireposts are the fuels. With the wood and peat briquettes you get the strongest heating, with the fireposts has the lowest difference in temperature. The Frost ovens with peat- and woodbriquettes are much more economical than the fire posts. The saving of the frost oven with peat as compared to the fireposts is 53%, and with use of the woodenbriquettes is it 68%. The temperature increase can be higher and longer when you reheat the frost oven.


Next to the higher temperature, the frost oven is also a good cost alternative for fireposts. An important thing is that the briquettes has to be dry in the forst period. Also important is that the woodenbriquettes has a high hard woodcontent. The heating stage last half a hour among the woodbriquettes. The peatbriquettes has a heating stage of 1,5 hour. The total burning time is approximately 6 hours. This is shorter than the firepost which is 8-11 hours. But the power of the frost ovens is much higher than the fireposts. ,


We recommend to put the Frost ovens in every row of trees dependent on the row distance. We recommend 300 frost ovens per hectare with approx. 20 kg woodbriquettes per frost oven. When there is 20 kg woodbriquettes in the oven, the oven must be open the first 20 minutes and after the 20 minutes you can close the oven. When you use 10 kg you can close the oven during that 20 minutes. For the use of woodbriquettes, 1 ignition plate is required. When you use peatbriquettes, 2 ingnition plates are required. 20 kg of peatbriquettes and an closed oven. When the oven is used without lit on the oven the hailnet or foil has to be closed.

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