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21 February 2020

Frost ovens against night frost damage

Frost ovens against night frost damage

Frost ovens against night frost damage

Source: groenten&fruit - Wouter van Teeffelen  - https://www.gfactueel.nl/Fruit/Nieuws/2020/2/Vorstovens-tegen-nachtvorstschade-fruit-545024E/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

Those who cannot irrigate must fire. That's what Wiesel came up with the Frost Oven. 

On fruit farms with not enough water for irrigation or in fruit orchards, such as cherries, where the crop cannot irrigate well, night frost damage with fire pots is an alternative. The new style of firepot is the Frost Oven. 

In this frost oven, growers can fire briquettes of wood or peat or their own trimmed wood to increase the temperature during the frost. According to the supplier FruitSecurity, peat briquettes heat the orchard 2 to 3,5 degrees in a radius of 2.5 meters. Wood can even increase the temperature by 2 to 5 degrees. 

Trimmed wood less long and hot

The total burning time is up to 6 hours with 20 kilos of fuel and refilling during burning if frost persists is possible. With trimmed wood the temperature development is less long and less stable.

You do not have to drag at night

Frost Ovens are manufactured in stainless steel with an average service life of twenty years. The ovens can remain filled on each pole until the next firing round. This has the advantage that there is no need to drage the oven at night. The ovens cost between €23,50 and €31,50 each.