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Harvest security through harvest protection.


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Nothing is as unpredictable as the weather. We do not have pronounced wet or dry periods and the chance of precipitation is present on a very large number of days. The number of days on which our meteorologists can virtually guarantee that it will stay dry can be counted on one hand.

Your fruit always well protected

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Traditional hail net system

The Traditional system is a single row system that is characterised by its latticework. This is in order to distribute the increasing load evenly. The hail can be discharged well. Thanks to the assembly of the cross wire over the hail net, more working space is available.


Powerflex foil system

The Powerflex system can be supplied in various versions. The system provides protection against heavy rain, sunlight, frost, insects, etc. Easy to open and close and also the possibility of opening and closing during the season


Flat hail net system

The Flat system is a 3-row system characterised by optimal working space. The rows can be placed up to 10 metres apart and there is a working height of up to 4.5 metres.


Jacket vineyard system

The vineyard system is characterised by the net over the trees. A length of 1000 metres or more per track is possible. The system can even be used on slopes and hills. When the system is rolled up, harvesting and working with machines can be carried out without any problems..


Automatic hail net system

Latest technology in fruit protection. Dynamic partial opening and closing by means of a smartphone. Solar panels can also be used if there is no electricity available.


Fruit growing

FruitSecurity Holland devises, supplies and assembles

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FruitSecurity Holland has various solutions to protect your hard fruit for a better yield and a beautiful end product. Such as crop support systems: hail netting, support, frost protection etc.


Soft fruit

Soft fruit is a sensitive product. To protect this, FruitSecurity Holland offers: various systems, insect nets, foil, frost protection etc.


Frost protection

Fighting frost in the orchard to warm it up powerfully and quickly. FruitSecurity Holland has various solutions for this.


Especially for cherries

FruitSecurity Holland has several possibilities to protect the sensitive product in the best possible way, especially for cherries.


Who we are

Meet the team of FruitSecurity Holland. You can reach us in all possible ways.

Gerben van Veldhuizen

Innovative entrepreneur
Gerben van Veldhuizen

Gerben van Veldhuizen is the founder and owner of FruitSecurity Holland. From the company Gerben founded, together with Teus de Jong, FruitSecurity Holland. As Managing Director Gerben takes care of: optimal customer relations, staff welfare and everything related.

Teus de Jong

Technical director/GPS
Teus de Jong

Teus de Jong is the founder and owner of FruitSecurity Holland. From the company, Teus founded FruitSecurity Holland together with Gerben van Veldhuizen. As technical director Teus takes care of: optimal customer relations, testing of systems, new innovations and everything related. Teus is also a GPS designer and calculator.

Robert Vink

Senior Sales Manager
Robert Vink

Robert Vink is sales manager at FruitSecurity Holland. Robert is the contact person for your questions about film and hail net covers. Robert has years of experience in fruit-related industries and can provide you with suitable advice.

Wilbert Hendriksen

Junior Sales Manager
Wilbert Hendriksen

Wilbert Hendriksen is Sales Manager at FruitSecurity Holland. Wilbert is specialised in polyethylene film and in the assembly of hail nets and film covers.

Jared Zoutewelle

2D&3D Designer
Jared Zoutewelle

Jared Zoutewelle is 2D/3D designer at FruitSecurity Holland. Jared calculates and draws 2D and 3D calculations of the canopies of FruitSecurity Holland based on GPS measurements.

Rick Mudde

Sales Manager Office
Rick Mudde

Rick Mudde is Sales Manager at FruitSecurity Holland. Rick coordinates purchasing, sales, deliveries, assembly and everything related.

Marco van Dijk

Marco van Dijk

Marco van Dijk is the specialist in assembling/installation at FruitSecurity Holland. Marco takes care of the installation and perfect delivery of hail netting and film systems. Marco works mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

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Your name right here?

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