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18 April 2023

Fruitsystems and snow

Fruitsystems and snow

system back into summer position. This allows you to provide a better climate for your trees or shrubs. In recent years, we have seen that spring weather can vary a lot. As a result, snow can also sometimes occur in the orchard when canopies are in summer position. FruitSecurity Holland's systems are not built to handle snow. I would like to talk you through what to do best if snow falls while you have your canopy in summer position.

The PowerFlex System

Do you have enough time to roll everything up? Then that's always the best option. Is there no time left? Then start by unhooking the gutter from the system to allow the snow to fall into the gutter. The insect net in the system should be opened. Then, if a lot of snow remains on the system, you need to remove as much snow from the system as possible. You can remove the snow from the system by pushing against it with a broom from below. In extreme cases, the elastic should be cut.

The traditional hailnet system

Even with the traditional system, it is always best to roll the system back up. But if there is no time left for that, it is best to leave one clip closed at each post and open the rest of the clips. Then, if the system still becomes too heavy, only one clip per pole section will be damaged. And there is no danger of collapse.

Flat hailnet system

This system should be rolled up completely in case of snow. , you can choose to make the system less fixed, so less Winterfix per pole section (only if there is little wind).

Why is snow too heavy for a hail net system?

Why are hail net systems resistant to hail but not to snow? Snow, when compared to hail, is lighter in grams/cm3. So why can't systems withstand snow?

Generally, it snows much longer than it hails, an extreme hailstorm never lasts longer than half an hour. It can snow for hours. Also, due to the low temperature, snow stays around much longer. Hail often melts. This ensures that a hail net system is strong enough for hail, but not against snow.

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Wilbert Hendriksen    

Wilbert Hendriksen

Productspecialist fruitprotection

My mission and duty is to help as many fruit growers as possible get a good harvest.

So that fruit damage can be prevented, no delivery problems occur

and that fruit growers can harvest successfully!