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27 June 2023

Why should you use GPS measurement when you want to build a fruit protection system?

Why should you use GPS measurement when you want to build a fruit protection system?

You ask why should I do a GPS measurement for my fruit protection system? Surely I can plot reasonably well manually? Or you have already planted your trees and you can just track the tree rows right?

You as a fruit grower work every day in your orchard or with your yield from your orchard: your harvest. In doing so, you are constantly thinking how can I do better. How can I improve my production process, make it easier. One of the success factors is a suitable orchard where your trees perform optimally. One of the increasingly popular methods is to install a fruit canopy. Fruit canopies allow you to protect your orchard from outside influences. These influences include extreme weather conditions such as bright sun but also hail and insects and other pests. But their success starts with a thorough GPS measurement! Let me give you the reasons why

1. Accurate positioning of the your fruit canopy

Proper positioning of your fruit canopies is incredibly important for optimal growth of your fruit trees. We don't have to explain to you the planting direction of your orchard, but good positioning on your plot can efficiently divide up your orchard so that no valuable space needs to be lost. You can optimise your land and maximise your harvest!

2. Optimisation of irrigation and fertilisation processes.

An accurate GPS measurement accurately determines the topography of your plot. With GPS, not only the perimeter of your plot is mapped but also the differences in elevation. This is crucial when planning your irrigation system. If you can irrigate evenly, the fertiliser will also reach the trees evenly. This benefits the uniformity of your harvest!

Water management
3. Planning work in the orchard.

What - planning activities? What does that have to do with GPS measurement? Well this. A good GPS measurement allows you to determine the access routes of your orchard. If you want fruit canopies that are closed all around it will limit your access to your orchard. Proper planning allows you to determine not only your routes but also the access points to your orchard. In addition, recording the exact location of fruit trees allows inspection at tree level. By collecting this data, you can apply a tremendous amount of information when maintaining your trees such as with root pruning or application of crop protection.

4. Future plans and expansion

A GPS measurement provides valuable info you can use for planning and expanding your fruit canopies. By recording the exact boundaries and planting your trees on GPS, you can create detailed maps of your existing orchards and plan extensions accurately. This way, you can make the systems fit together and undermine projects you have done before.

5. Define routes and routes for robots

With accurate measurement, you can already capture drive lines in your drawing. You can share this information with the systems of tractors and other machines. These can be used for planting and driving poles, but also for unmanned mowing and spraying by robots.

In short, plenty of reasons to have a GPS measurement carried out. Not only will you make your work more transparent, but you will also prepare your company for the future. Because in the future, more and more work will take place unmanned, and for the time being, most of these machines use GPS. With GPS, you can lay out your orchard more accurately, thus increasing efficiency and producing high-quality fruit

GPS measurement is therefore invaluable for fruit growers looking to invest in fruit canopies. It provides accurate positioning, optimisation of irrigation and fertilisation processes, efficient planning of operations, improved protection against pests and diseases, and valuable information for future planning and expansion. By carrying out this measurement before starting fruit canopies, you will lay the foundation for a successful and profitable fruit crop.

Gerben van Veldhuizen - FruitSecurity Holland

Gerben van Veldhuizen

CEO & fruitprotection specialist

My mission is to help as many fruit growers as possible get a good harvest.
So that fruit damage can be prevented, no delivery problems occur, and fruit growers can harvest successfully!