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Latest news

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2 August 2022

Growing fruit with worry?

Growing fruit with worry?

As a grower, you want to be able to grow carefree. Something that is actually impossible. Every year is different. Each year has its own challenges in growing. Frost, high temperatures, lots of rain, pressure from the Suzuki fruit fly (drosophila suzukii). Conditions change with the years. So does the Powerflex Foil System. The foil cover for fruit growing! It is applied to cherries, raspberries, blueberries, redcurrants, strawberries and blackberries. The system was developed 25 years ago in Austria for rain protection in cherry cultivation. The developers, Rupert Matzer and Martin Pfeifer, are fruit growers themselves and know better than anyone what the challenges in cultivation can be. The system has changed and developed over the years with the challenges that growers face every year.  

Windproof canopy

The worldwide experience gained with the Powerflex Foil System shows that the system has good wind resistance. In rough weather, with lots of wind and rain, the Powerflex Foil System gives good results. This is due to the unique construction in the gutter (in the middle of the row of trees).

The latest development is a wide gutter. You can choose to close the gutter with an insect net. This wide gutter gives a good ventilation, even with the insect net. The warm air is drawn out of the system through the gutter. The insect net in the gutter has a double function. It keeps insects out and good insects in, but it also stops rain from slamming in freely. The rain is broken by the netting and drips down the center onto the grass track. Thus, good ventilation is combined with protection from insects and rain intrusion.

Frost protection for fruit growers

Frost protection for the Powerflex System can be increased by installing extra 'Frostflaps' in the gutter. These Frostflaps make sure that the gutter is closed and therefore barely ventilates. The opening and closing requires some work but in Central Europe good results are achieved.

Applicable everywhere

Another advantage of the system is its freedom of shape. This is because the basis of the system is a cable and wire construction. The post distances can therefore be different. So a plot with different row distances is not a problem.