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Latest news

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20 January 2023

Hail nets protect cars against hail?

Hail nets protect cars against hail?

In the Netherlands we have a temperate maritime climate. This means relatively cool summers and mild winters with, of course, precipitation throughout the year. In recent years, more extreme weather has become more frequent. Storms, heavy precipitation, hail have increased in recent years. Extreme weather that has long been dealt with in Austria, Italy, Germany and other countries. Dealer holdings, car rental companies and/or lease companies in the Netherlands are looking for solutions against hail damage for their fleets. In the aforementioned countries hail nets are used to prevent hail damage to cars.

What are hail nets?

There are many different types of hail nets. Not every hail net protects equally well against hail. The innovative hail net type WIESEL with a mesh size of 2.8mm x 8.7mm has the optimal protection against small and large hailstones. The WIESEL hail net is widely used in fruit growing to protect apples and pears from hailstones. The WIESEL hail net also optimally protects cars against hail. Preventing hail damage to cars is therefore best done with WIESEL hail nets.

How are hail nets used on vehicle fleets?

There are several car covers with hail netting for the automotive industry. There are several things to consider with an automotive cover. The cover should not take up much space, the cars should always be accessible and the structure should not interfere with daily movements. Examples of car covers with hail nets are the Powerlastic car cover and the Turtle car cover.

How much does a car cover with hail net cost?

Of course, the price for a car cover depends on which type of system is chosen. The number of vehicles to be covered also plays a role. A car cover is customized for each situation. It is therefore best to prepare properly and have your fleet GPS measured and then 2D and 3D designed. Then you will have no surprises before or after! The price for a car cover with hail net per stand is between €300,- and €600,-.