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25 July 2023

Installing and maintaining hailnet and rain cover systems with FruitSecurity Holland

Installing and maintaining hailnet and rain cover systems with FruitSecurity Holland

During the realization phase of a project, the collaboration with you and FruitSecurity Holland is very close. When will the assembly men come to install the system, or when will the supervisor explain the next steps? These are just some of the points that are very important in this process, both for you and for us.

The phases before and after the construction of the project are also very important here, making the right agreements about who does what. The delivery times and the period within which the cover must be delivered.

In this blog, I want to delve deeper into the phases after the purchase of your protection system from FruitSecurity Holland. This will also briefly mention the steps before and after the purchase.

The Steps Before the Realization Phase

Before you have bought the system, it is important that all specific parts have been discussed well.

Think about the row width, height of the system, and the layout of the system. But also whether the headland should be covered, where the anchors should be positioned, and who is going to realize the project. When you and FruitSecurity Holland clearly know who is tackling which points, the project can start.


Start of Construction

Material Deliveries At the start of the realization phase, we want to begin with the delivery of materials. The materials are always delivered by truck, and you are asked to unload and store them at your location.

Normally, the poles (concrete or wood) are delivered first, after which the construction materials are delivered. When both the poles and anchors are present on the project, the pole pushing and anchor turning can start. FruitSecurity Holland mainly works with contractor Vriend in pole pushing. Of course, you can also ask your own contractor to push the poles, GPS files can be provided by FruitSecurity Holland for this.

Mounting the Construction

After the contractor has installed the anchors and poles, the assembly can start.


You chose to build the project yourself before the start of the project. One of our project leaders will support you during the project in the assembly, and demonstrate or explain the necessary. In most situations, we see that 4 half-days visit by our project leader is sufficient to build the system. Of course, extra support can be requested for special points or solutions.

This blog delves deep into building your protection system yourself. Click here!

Did you know? FruitSecurity Holland has a special offer for fruit growers who want to learn to build themselves: Supervision, in which you get 4 half-days of support at your location, a complete handbook, 3D videos, assembly videos, and many valuable tips!


Mounting by FruitSecurity Holland

We have been carrying out assembly for customers for years. With our various assembly teams, we try to relieve as many customers as possible by executing the entire project. From the advisory talk to the delivery of a well-functioning system.

Depending on the size of the system, we are present in your orchard for several days or weeks. Because we are working on your valuable terrain, it is good to make clear agreements among ourselves.

Among other things, the housing of the assembly personnel is important. If you have housing on your own terrain, who is responsible for the housing. All questions that are easy to solve, and become clear to both parties in consultation.

The Assembly is Completed

After the assembly of the system is completely finished, a technical delivery is carried out. During this delivery, a tour of the orchard is made, so you can indicate any comments or remarks and action can be taken on this. After the delivery is done, the project is officially finished. And you can enjoy a protected orchard!

What is Important During the Use of the System?

An important point after the assembly, which keeps coming back, is the rolling up and unrolling of the hail nets on the foils. In the next blog, you will read everything about the rolling up and down of systems. Read the blog here about everything you need to know about rolling up a fruit cover!

In addition, maintenance is also important, with consistent maintenance you can ensure that your cover has a longer lifespan. Tightening the system a bit every year and carrying out any repairs in time, ensures that the system is well maintained. This will also have an effect on the hail nets and foils that are mounted on the system.

Did you know? In addition to its own protection systems, FruitSecurity Holland also installs tunnel foil, roll covers, and whailex systems.

Curious about what we can do for you in the assembly? Feel free to contact me.

Jared Zoutewelle - EN

Jared Zoutewelle

Export manager
My mission is to help as many fruit growers as possible get a good harvest.
So that fruit damage can be prevented, no delivery problems occur,
and that fruit growers can harvest successfully!