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Hail nets in Gelderland

Hail nets in Gelderland

Harvest security through crop protection.


Hail net systems in Gelderland

The province of Gelderland, and in particular the Betuwe, is known for its fruit cultivation. FruitSecurity, based in Ede, knows how important it is to protect crops from hail by using hail nets. Therefore, we have developed an innovative solution for the fruit grower for the best harvest security: the hail net system. With impressive functionality, a construction that stands like a house, optimal safety standards and a high durability.

Offered hail nets

The hail nets are available in different colors: crystal, gray, black, light gray and milk white, and can be adjusted to the crop (variety), light conditions of the orchard and environment. The most common hail nets are crystal, grey or black.

Fruitsecurity offers the fruit grower in Gelderland 3 types of hail net systems:

  • Traditional hail net system
  • Flat hail net system
  • Automatic hail net system
Hailnet Typ Wiesel crystall
Price on request
delivery time 4-5 weeks
Hailnet Typ Wiesel black
Price on request
delivery time 4-5 weeks
Hailnet Typ Wiesel grey
Price on request
delivery time 4-5 weeks
Hailnet Border crystall
Price on request
delivery time 4-5 weeks
Extension support 150cm
delivery time 4-5 weeks

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The Traditional Hail net System

In the Traditional Hail Net System, there are poles in each row, which can also be used to support trees, a great advantage if you are a grower interested in sustainable solutions. Longitudinal and transverse wires run across the head of the post, distributing the hail load evenly throughout the structure. In this way, the system can withstand the fiercest of Gelderland's showers. And with the crosswire mounting over the hail net, the hail is better dispersed. The Traditional Hail Net System also stands like a house, with good anchors for any type of soil.

Another feature of the Traditional Hail Net System is the Roof clip, which fixes the mesh at certain points allowing the hail net to always move sufficiently. As a result, the hail net lasts a long time and is durable.


When winter arrives, you can store the hail nets quickly and easily with the WIESEL Winterfix.

The Flat Hail net

The Wiesel Flat Hail Net System is the very first three-row system for the three-row sprayer, which FruitSecurity brought to the market. Characteristic for this system are the large working space under the hail net and the row distances, possible up to a maximum of 11 meters.

This system works without emptying hail so there is virtually no damage from scatter hail. Also, the Flat Hail Net System has been extensively tested under very strong winds, heavy snow and rain loads.

The construction of the Flat Hail Net System stands like a house and is firmly anchored in the Gelderland soil. We have an anchor for every type of soil - from soft to hard. Storing them away for the winter is no problem, the hail nets can remain - rolled up - in the orchard all year round.

The Flat Hail Net System has the least light loss because it uses fewer square meters of hail net, relative to other systems.


Hagelnet systems

FruitSecurity Holland devises, supplies and installs

Also watch video's on our YouTube channel: FruitSecurity Holland

The Automatic Hail net

This is the automatic version of the Flat Hail Net System and represents years of minimal maintenance. It is used for:

  • Hail protection
  • Protection against hard rain
  • Wind protection
  • Shade net/shade cloth
  • Climate Improvement


Automatic opening and closing in 7 minutes

The Automatic Hail net System can be opened and closed automatically, whenever you want, through sensors or a mobile device. For a 5000 square meter section, this takes 7 minutes.

Features of the Automatic Hail net System:

  • This system has the least light loss because less hail net is used per square meter, compared to other systems.
  • With this hail net system, row spacing is possible up to a maximum of 11 meters.
  • No emptying of hail, so minimal or no damage from scatter hail.
  • Extensively tested under very strong winds, heavy snow and rain loads.
  • An anchor for any type of soil.

Solar Panels

Do you prefer a sustainable system without an external power connection? Then the Automatic Hail Net System can be equipped with Solar solar panels where the system is controlled by climate computers. A suitable solution for the sustainable fruit grower.

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