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9 October 2023

How strong is a hail net system?

How strong is a hail net system?

Picture this: Your hail net system collapses. All the trees are damaged or toppled as a result. Nothing is left standing.

Nobody wants that, and it's really not necessary. FruitSecurity Holland has been building fruit canopies in all parts of the world for years. Because of this, we know how important it is that hail netting systems always remain intact.

After reading this blog, you will know exactly what a hail net system can and cannot handle. This will allow you to cultivate peacefully, and so you won't worry until houses start collapsing.

What's in the datasheet?

Wind A hail netting system must handle wind speeds of up to 100km/h, according to the datasheet. These wind speeds are not common. Does that mean the whole system collapses right away? No. At this speed, the system will suffer damage. For example, damage to the grid, or a number of broken poles. At that wind speed, it is not price-wise to build. Piles of 12x12cm everywhere is an expensive hobby.

Hail The clips can withstand 60-70 kg. So that means the hail may weigh 60-70 kg. So if the system does not unload the hail, the clips will break off. That is not the intention as it causes damage to the trees and fruit. The advantage, however, is that the poles do not break, if that happens you are further from home.

A hail netting system is never made for snow. Is it about to snow and the canopy is still in summer mode? Don't wait a second to open the clips! And then roll up the system. Read more.

What do the tests say?

What do the tests say? See for yourself in the video! FruitSecurity Holland only uses tested materials and distances. 

When can a hail net system handle it?

There is always a catch. Now that everything has been named that a system should be able to handle, let me briefly describe a good hail net system. After all, not every system stays put.

A hail net system can handle this only if:

1. The anchor distance is 3.0m or greater.

2. The wires are in tension.

3. There are no broken or rotten poles.

From one problem comes another. Is 1 pole broken? Then the chances of more breaking are high! So maintenance is very important if you want to keep your hail nets up and running.

You can read all about collapsing hail nets here.

What do other suppliers say?

After a long search on the internet, I found 1 provider that shows system standards. Valente Pali.

Worst case scenario

What is the very worst case? So far, we have only had minor damage to FruitSecurity systems. So so far, the worst case has been some broken poles. But what if...

In the worst case, all the poles break. Fortunately, we have never experienced this. And if the right standards are followed, this will never happen either.

More about hail nets? In this video, we answer all your questions about hail netting systems:

Wilbert Hendriksen    

Wilbert Hendriksen

Productspecialist fruitprotection

My mission and duty is to help as many fruit growers as possible get a good harvest.

So that fruit damage can be prevented, no delivery problems occur

and that fruit growers can harvest successfully!