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Latest news

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25 January 2023

I want hail prevention on my vehicle fleet

I want hail prevention on my vehicle fleet

What steps do I need to go through to get hail prevention with hail nets on my fleet?

Hail damage on fleets is a thing of the past with the use of hail nets. Hail nets can eliminate the deductible for hail damage and it can reduce insurance premiums. Read more about your garage insurance premium being too high here. You are considering the decision to have an car cover installed with hail nets. What steps should you go through to get the hail nets on your fleet? You will read about it in this article.

Discuss your wishes

Discuss your requirements in advance so there is no confusion during the process. What kind of vehicles will be under the cover? What minimum vehicle height is required? When should the cover be installed? All questions that are important for the purchase. You can easily make an appointment and during the appointment your fleet can be directly GPS measured by a surveyor.

GPS fleet measurement

Fleet measurement

Proper preparation is crucial. For this, CarProtection Holland has its own GPS equipment. Our surveyor measures your fleet GPS. With the GPS surveying data, designs are made in 2D and 3D.

2D and 3D design

2D and 3D designs give you insight into the car cover on your fleet. Installing a cover can also involve administrative hassles. For example, will the city government and surrounding area agree? In our experience, these designs give the city government insight into the car cover and avoid a lot of administrative hassle.

3D design car cover

Turtle transporter Car cover


You will receive a custom made proposal at the same time as the designs. You can submit this proposal to your current insurer. What will they do about your current garage insurance? From the purchase, hail prevention for your fleet is getting closer and closer.

Delivery and installation

You will receive the materials shortly before the installation of the car cover. You must temporarily place the materials on your property. Experienced technicians will come by arrangement to install your car cover. You have nothing to worry about. We have already installed car covers at various locations in the Netherlands.

Installatie auto-overkapping hagelnetten

Auto-overkapping tegen hagelschade

Experience certainty

After completing the above steps, the car cover is on your fleet. Experience security with an car cover with hail nets on your fleet!