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Jacket System.

Jacket System.

Harvest security through harvest protection.

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Jacket Vineyard System

Professional protection for the vineyard against hail, birds, insects, sunlight and much more.

The Jacket Vineyard System is a simple, but good hail protection system for the vineyard. The system is also increasingly used in orchards. The Jacket Vineyard System is installed in many vineyards.

Reduction of work

After installation of the system, the Vineyard System not only provides protection against external threats. The system also saves work.

"The Jacket Vineyard System saves me 20 man hours per hectare compared to other single-row systems'' (Weingut Marcus)


Hail nets

FruitSecurity Holland has developed its own type of hail net. The hail net type WIESEL with a mesh size of 2.8mm x 8.7mm is the optimal protection against small and large hail stones. Different colours of hail nets can be chosen. FruitSecurity Holland supplies hail nets in the colours: Crystal, Grey, Black, Light Grey and Milk White. If you need a different colour, this is possible after consultation. The colour of the hail nets depends on the variety and the light conditions in the vineyard.

Jacket Vineyard System


The hail nets also ensure that the shoots grow upwards. Crop protection work is less affected by the wind. This is due to the hail nets. Cutting over the nets is no problem at all. It is even possible to work with a pneumatic defoliator.


The WIESEL plaque model 13 is perfect for use with the Jacket Vineyard System. It facilitates the opening and closing of the protection system. And a further advantage is that the plaque can be disassembled.

Clip WIESEL model 13

Winter storage

The WIESEL Winterfix is the fastest, simplest and most economical solution for the winter storage of hail nets. It is easy to assemble and can remain in the orchard all year round. During the winter position, mechanical pruning is still possible. The hail net is in fact rolled up above the row of plants.

WIESEL Winterfix Winter storage Jacket Vineyard System winter storage

Extreme driving lengths

A length of 1000 metres or more per row is possible. The Jacket Vineyard System can even be used on slopes and hills. Thanks to the fast application, the grapes are always easily accessible.

Powerflex Foil System above grapes

Powerflex above grapes

Jacket wijngaardsysteem

FruitSecurity devises, supplies and installs

FruitSecurity Holland has years of experience in the protection of fruit trees. We are also active in protecting plants, shrubs and trees at tree nurseries and even cars.