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The 8 most important questions about hailnets

28 September 2023

Learn all about hail nets in less than 5 minutes! By Gerben van Veldhuizen.


The 12 most frequently asked questions about the PowerFlex system

4 October 2023

All about the PowerFlex system in less than 10 minutes. By Gerben van Veldhuizen.


All about different types of tying tube

22 February 2024

Learn all about tying tube in fruit growing: from variants to practical tips for maximum growth and yield. By Wilbert Hendriksen.


What rain covers does FruitSecurity have?

11 December 2023

FruitSecurity Holland's 4 rain covers. By Wilbert Hendriksen


11 frequently asked questions about nets in viticulture

7 November 2023

By Rick Mudde.


When is self-building a fruit canopy profitable?

7 November 2023

This blog answers the question of whether self-building a fruit canopy is profitable. By Rick Mudde.


Sunburn protection: alternatives to hail nets

6 November 2023

What are the alternatives to hail nets? By Rick Mudde.


What yokes should I use?

6 November 2023

Discover the right yokes for your fruit crop. By Jared Zoutewelle.


10 frequently asked questions about Carmo wooden posts

24 October 2023

Durability, quality, price, and more. By Rick Mudde.


When should you buy hail nets?

23 October 2023

By Rick Mudde


What is the light loss under a rain cover?

18 October 2023

How much light do I lose through a rain canopy? By Jared Zoutewelle.


Conversion of Voen covering systems to PowerFlex systems

16 October 2023

All about converting rain covers. By Gerben van Veldhuizen


What should I use to support my trees?

16 October 2023

Different types of support materials. By Jared Zoutewelle.


How strong is a hail net system?

9 October 2023

What can a hail net system handle? By Wilbert Hendriksen


How to: QuickZip canopy conversion to PowerFlex system

6 October 2023

All about converting a QuickZip canopy. By Gerben van Veldhuizen.


5 reasons not to buy a fruit protection system from FruitSecurity!

19 June 2023

5 disadvantages of installing a fruit canopy from FruitSecurity Holland. By Wilbert Hendriksen.


Preventing bird damage in apples and pears

5 October 2023

How to prevent bird damage? By Rick Mudde.


What wire should I support my trees with?

2 October 2023

All about wires! By Jared zoutewelle.


What is the 3-row ''roof'' system?

22 September 2023

What is the difference between the flat hail net system and the 3-row roof hail net system? By Wilbert Hendriksen.


5 biggest problems: Cherry cover systems

19 September 2023

The biggest problems with rain shelters are often hidden by fruit protection system suppliers. Jared Zoutewelle appoints them in this blog.