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What is the best multi-row hail net system?

28 April 2023

A clear overview of multi-row systems on the market. By Gerben van Veldhuizen.


What type of wooden posts are suitable for protection systems?

25 April 2023

All about wooden poles for protection systems. By Rick Mudde.


All about crop protection for viticulture!

21 April 2023

All about hail protection, windbreak systems and weather sensors in viticulture! By Rick Mudde.


What is the best single row hail net system?

20 April 2023

All about suppliers and the different hail net systems. By Gerben van Veldhuizen.


Hailnets: Effective protection for crops

12 April 2023

Everything you want to know before investing in hail nets! By Gerben van Veldhuizen.


What is the best foil covering system?

4 April 2023

All foil covering systems explained by Gerben van Veldhuizen.


How do I protect my fruit from hail?

3 April 2023

3 ways to protect your fruit from hail damage. By Wilbert Hendriksen.


Can I have a foil- or hailnetsystem over my orchard?

28 March 2023

All about whether a fruit canopy is possible on your plot! By Wilbert Hendriksen.


Everything about hail nets over cars on fleets

28 February 2023

The average investment for a car cover with hail nets is between €350 and €450 per car.  To even fairly answer this question, parameters are needed. This is because every fleet of cars is different. What factors affect the price of a car cover with hail nets?


Pros and cons of Cherry canopies

21 February 2023

Pros and cons of Cherry canopies. By Gerben van Veldhuizen


Pros and cons of hail nets

21 February 2023

What no one tells you about hail nets and what you do want to know! By Gerben van Veldhuizen.


What do hail nets cost?

20 February 2023

Blog on the cost of a hail net system. By Gerben van Veldhuizen.


What does a foil canopy cost?

20 February 2023

Blog about the cost of a foil system. By Gerben van Veldhuizen.


Wooden or concrete poles?

20 March 2023

Should I choose wooden poles or concrete poles for my fruit system? By Wilbert Hendriksen.


Installation of your protection system

14 February 2023

In the run-up to a new season, you are naturally busy with all the preparations to ensure both growing and harvesting go as smoothly and quickly as possible.


Everything you need to know about rolling up and unrolling a fruit canopy!

22 March 2023

The recurring cost of a fruit canopy. By Wilbert Hendriksen.


What is important when buying a windbreak system?

2 February 2023

All about the windbreak system!


I want to buy bird net, what should I watch out for?

31 January 2023

You are looking for bird nets for a particular application. Only you can't quite figure it out. There are so many different types of bird nets and providers. And with each provider, you have another choice of material, color, mesh size and dimensions. That makes choosing the right type of bird net a difficult choice. Which bird net is suitable for your application? This article will tell you!


Can I get a government funding for my canopy?

30 January 2023

Unfortunately, this article is not available in English. Would you still like to be helped? Please contact us!


I want hail prevention on my vehicle fleet

25 January 2023

What steps do I need to go through to get hail prevention with hail nets on my fleet?

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