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Latest news

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14 October 2020

Prevent sunburn with Diamond® foil

Prevent sunburn with Diamond® foil

Prevent sunburn with Diamond® film

Politiv has developed a foil especially for the more extreme weather conditions we are facing.

High levels of sunshine result in the burning of crops. That is why Politiv introduces a revolutionary line of Diamond® films. The most important characteristics of this film are high light transmission; high and unique light diffusion; high thermicity.


Prevent burning by breaking direct solar radiation

 Direct sunlight (undifferentiated light) gives a "shadow" effect and causes "sunburn" . This is because the sun's rays shine directly on the leaves and fruits.

Light diffusion

To prevent direct radiation, additives are added to scatter the direct light, preventing the "shadow" effect and "sunburn". The light scattering increases photosynthetic efficiency by allowing light to come from all directions.
scattered light

Differentiated light, not just numbers.

It appears that not only the amount of diffused light is important, but also the way in which the light is diffused plays a special role in the way the plants can benefit from the spread. Choosing the right raw material has given us the ideal combination of light transmission and light diffusion.

Diffusse foil

On the photo, the different films are exposed with a laser to show the light dispersion.

Clear foil on the left. Clear direct radiation

On the right the usual diffuse foil with a clear core in the light.

In the middle of the light radiation is completely broken open.

Current status

Diamond® films are successfully sold worldwide.

Diamond® 15 is widely used in Oxnard California and in Mexico both areas with strawberries.

and raspberry growers show an increase in light transmission and diffusion.

Politiv, in cooperation with the University of Almeria, is conducting an ongoing field trial.

which compares Diamond® films with regular films. So far, it seems that

an advantage in favour of Diamond Foil (final results expected in spring 2021).

In the area of Huelva, known as an important berry-growing centre, several tunnels have been covered.

With Diamond®, a significant increase in yield can be seen.


The Diamond® film range is an ideal combination of three factors:

Excellent light transmission for maximum yield.
Excellent light diffusion for the best crop.
Excellent thermics for minimal energy losses, risk of frost and heating costs.
All Diamond® films can be supplied:

Sulphur resistance up to 5,000 ppm S.
Anti Condensation
Improved strength
Anti fog for cold or hot climates
Bee friendly and UV open

As always, we like to set new standards in the field of innovation.