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Latest news

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17 August 2020

Rain covers at cherry financially calculated

Rain covers at cherry financially calculated

Source: de Fruitteeltkrant no. 4/2020 August

The Belgian experimental garden Pcfruit calculated the financial consequences of covering a cherry plot with rainproof film. The calculation was made based on a price quote provided by the supplier for the covering of a three hectare cherry plot. Based on the quotation and the annual labor required, the annual cost was calculated. The life expectancy of the structure of 20 years and of the membrane of 8 years was taken into account. The annual costs were calculated at €8.260,- to €9.300,- per hectare.

Calculation for Regina

Based on the actual realized production in 2019 on two plots of Regina at the experimental site, the additional yield of a canopy was compared to the cost. In 2019, a failure rate of 6.7% was observed under the canopy. This resulted in a production of marketable cherries of 14.3 tons per acre on one plot and 17.3 tons per acre on the other. Based on the size grading and the auction prices per quality, this resulted in a yield of €52,800 and €59,800 per hectare. The calculation was based on a 16% failure rate for cherries that were not under a canopy. 10% dropout resulted in 1.5 to 1.8 tons less marketable cherries per hectare. There is also a price difference between canopied and uncanopied cherries. This was also included in the calculation. All in all, the yield loss for uncovered cherries came out to €10,896 per hectare. Compared to €5,400 per hectare for canopied cherries. 2019 was a favorable year for Regina bursting. However, there have also been years with much higher percentages of cracked fruit. A calculation was also made for such a situation. In 2012, on Pcfruit, 45% of Regina cherries were cracked. If that percentage is calculated in combination with the production realized in 2019, the producite saleable cherries drops to 8.8 tons and 10.5 tons per hectare. The gross yield loss is then €23,300 and €26,300 per hectare. In years with such a high failure rate, a canopy is obviously profitable quickly.

Calculation for Kordia

The same calculation was made for Kordia. For Kordia, the failure rate is generally higher than for Regina. On Pcfruit, there was a 17% failure rate at Kordia in 2019 under the rain canopy. The calculation here was made using the production figures of 2 plots of Kordia with a production of 15.3 and 22 tons per hectare respectively. At the auction prices applicable in that year, this gave a gross result of €43,800 and €55,560 per hectare. For the non-covered crop a failure rate of 31% was calculated. The calculation resulted in a yield difference of €9,000 and €10,200 per hectare (Source: vakblad Fruit).