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Flat netsystem

Flat netsystem

Flat hail net system

Features of the Flat hail net system

The flat hail net system provides optimum protection against hail and minimises sunlight. With the flat hail net system, rows can stand up to 10 meters and a working height up to 4.5 meters. This ensures optimum working space. These distances are enough to use the 3-row sprayer.

Clips in Flat hail net system

To attach two pieces of net, flat clips are used. These clips are very effective as a connection clip. The flat clip is easy to assemble. 

The nets are attached in the top (on the length wire) with a net clip. This clip is the perfect way to install the net on the top wire. This clips ensures that the net can keep moving flexibly.

The Winterfix is a fast way of winter storage. The clip is attached on the length wire, and stays there all year round. The Winterfix can be opened with one hand movement.

Flat hail net system

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Carmo poles

The Traditional hail net system can also be placed on wooden poles. Carmo poles are made of the wood variety Pinus Sylvestris. This type of wood is characterized by its structure and has stronger fibres.

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The GT-stick is used to support the trees in the orchard. The use of the GT-stick has many advantages. The aluminium stick is 100% recyclable and is easy to install in the orchard.

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Gravel trunks

Gravel trunks do not damage the hail net and insect net. Closing the systems with gravel trunks is easy. We deliver the gravel hoses filled. 

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