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Steel cable

A steel cable, in contrast to steel wire, consists of several wires that are wrapped around each other. Cables are flexible, but strong. Ideal for the purpose for which it is used in the systems of Fruitsecurity Holland. Steel cables keep the head poles in tension. The cables are mounted from the head of the post to the anchor. Steel cables are also used for large spans in orchards and for film covering.

Covers and steel cables

Steel cables are used in hail net and foil covers, for example the Powerflex Foil System, to tension the concrete poles to the screw anchor. The steel cable has a crucial function in stabilising the structure. Steel cables are mounted on the front and back of the fruit canopies. Foil and hail nets are mounted on it. Steel cable has the good property of anti shrinking.

Corrosion in the orchard

The conditions in an orchard demand on the right steel cable. A lot of work is done with substances that cause corrosion. Think especially of nutrients, which are often salts, but also urea and copper have an effect on cables. FruitSecurity works with cables that are class A galvanized. This high protection value gives a longer life to the steel wire rope and prevents corrosion.

Steel cable dimensions

The number of wires that the cable consists depends on the purpose for which the cable is used. FruitSecurity Holland uses cables that consist of 7x7 (49) wires and 1x19 (19) wires. Cables with a different composition such as 6x7 or 6x19 are also used. The cable that connects the concrete post to the screw anchor is 8mm and consists of 7x7 wires. This provides a robust construction that can stand up to rough treatment. Steel cable 5mm 1x19 is used in hail net systems that are wider than 200 metres. With the Powerflex foil system, the length and cross-section of the 5mm 1x19 steel wire rope are the same. This steel cable is flexible and gives strength to the construction.