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24 February 2022

The story of Carmo poles (Warranty 6/6)

The story of Carmo poles (Warranty 6/6)

How can it be that there is a 20-year full warranty on wooden posts?

When you need the guarantee, the company no longer exists and nobody is at home. These are comments we often hear. In the coming period, we will be focusing on the 20-year guarantee on wooden posts. These are not wooden poles, but Carmo poles.

In a series of articles we describe the Carmo wooden post. The wooden post that comes with a 20-year guarantee. How is this possible? Read the previous and upcoming articles. In this article we describe the treatment of Carmo wooden posts.

Warranty wooden posts

Carmo wooden posts are known for their excellent quality. Wooden posts with a 20-year guarantee are not just any posts. It is a post that has been carefully produced. In 6 articles we have described why a 20-year written warranty can be given. Carmo describes the warranty as follows:

Our best guarantee is the 40 years of experience in processing products in the market, in more than 30 different locations with hundreds of satisfied customers who can testify to the quality of our products.

All processes as described in the previous articles reflect the care taken in the process. Read all articles back in our knowledge center.

Carmo wooden posts


Carmo Wood guarantees a durability of over 20 years for all its wood products and provides a 20-year written warranty. Carmo Wood's warranty is in accordance with the FCBA (the controlling authority). Indications - UC4 SP >22.5 kg/m3 -. The guarantee includes total replacement of the product due to rotting in the first 20 years. The piles all have a nail in the head with the production date. The Carmo poles can be recognized by this. Technical consultants can advise you in all countries where Carmo is active. Upon delivery you will receive the guarantee certificate on paper. This is supported by Carmo Wood and Kopper. The whole process is supervised by the FCBA.

What else do you need to be convinced of the best wooden posts?

Picture: Jorge Milne e Carmo, Presidente da Carmo Wood © Artur Machado/ Global Imagens