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22 September 2023

What is the 3-row ''roof'' system?

What is the 3-row ''roof'' system?

The very first 3-row hailsystems were built as a flat netting systems. A flat ''roof''. This was new because at the time only single-row hailnet systems with sloping roofs existed. So each row a release option.
With a flat roof, there is almost no unloading possibility. If hail falls on this system, you simply have to wait until the hail melts. Nowadays, we see more and more 3-row systems that also have the roofs.

How does the 'roof' hail net system work?

The picture above shows clearly how the system works. There is still a length and width cable. In these hailnet systems, the wires and nets are not supported by a post and a post cap. A bolt, nut and some washers hold the system together. This makes the system almost the same as a 1-row hailnet system, but can be used as a 3-row hailnet system!

What are the pros and cons of this hail net system?

The system a bit cheaper as a normal 3-row hail net system and has the ability to unload the hail.

But there are also disadvantages. The net is more prone to wear and tear, often a hole or tear develops around the replacement pole cap. Because the system moves and unloads with hail, there is more chance of scatter damage. Also it is much harder to put it into winter position.

Who are these hailnet systems suitable for?

With this system, you save about 15% of the cost. This is because you save on materials. 

Who supplies the 3-row roof hail net system?

Several providers have this system in their range, but only these providers have it on their website:

Wilbert Hendriksen    

Wilbert Hendriksen

Productspecialist fruitprotection

My mission and duty is to help as many fruit growers as possible get a good harvest.

So that fruit damage can be prevented, no delivery problems occur

and that fruit growers can harvest successfully!