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Tunnel and greenhouse foil in Gelderland

Tunnel and greenhouse foil in Gelderland

Harvest security through crop protection.


Suitable tunnel foil in Gelderland

FruitSecurity Holland, based in Ede in Gelderland, specializes in harvest security through harvest protection. As a Dutch company we are of course familiar with the changing weather and the great challenge for growers in Gelderland to protect their crops. Fruit cultivation in particular is vulnerable to changing weather conditions: too little or too much rain, too much wind, too little or too much sun in the wrong places. FruitSecurity Holland has developed different types of tunnel film and greenhouse film to control or influence the climate around crops.

Polyethyleen foil

Polyethylene foil is also mainly used in Gelderland for growing soft fruits such as: strawberries, blueberries, redcurrants and raspberries. Our strong tunnel foil and greenhouse foil have an ideal light transmission and light diffusion, so that all parts of the plant have sufficient light throughout the day. The films are UV-resistant and retain heat at night in the tunnel and greenhouse. Influencing the climate produces the best crop results. 

The greenhouse and tunnel foils of FruitSecurity Holland are available in various thicknesses, widths and lengths: from 100 micron (1 micron is 1 thousandth of a millimeter), 180 micron to 200 micron foil. Widths from 2 metres to 14.5 metres and any desired length from 50 metres. Are you a fruit grower in Gelderland and looking for a high quality film with the right dimensions? Then contact us.

An important property of the foil is light transmission. An even distribution of bright incoming sunlight creates a diffuse light which prevents sunburn on the crops.

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Tunnel foil and greenhouse foil properties

It is important that Gelderland growers use the right type of foil for their crops, with the right properties for the right conditions. Such as: thermicity, UV stability or just UV-open, anti-condensation, anti-dust, anti-fog, and light transmission.


Gelderland fruit growers choose foil with EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) to reduce heat loss in the greenhouse during the night.

Anti-Drip or anti-fog

For the prevention of crop diseases, and excess light reflection due to condensation, we have added an anti-condensation feature to our Polyethylene foil. Anti-drip ensures that the drips stick to the film and are discharged as water.

Anti-dust adhesion

This property of film reduces algae growth on the film and allows sand and dust to slide off the tunnel film.


The Gelderland weather sometimes leads to fog, and fogging in turn can lead to condensation. Anti-fog ensures that the fog is absorbed by the foil and drained away as water through the anti-condensation layer.

Greenhouse foil and tunnel foil

FruitSecurity Holland devises, supplies and installs

Also watch video's on our YouTube channel: FruitSecurity Holland

UV-open foil

For certain crops in Gelderland such as bicolor roses, nectarines and red-leaf lettuce, the use of UV-open foil is desirable. The Anthocyanin pigment in these crops requires UV light to give the crops color. UV-open foil has no UV filter and is used where it is desired by Gelderland fruit growers.

Diamond foil

For more intense weather conditions in Gelderland, we have developed a strong Diamond foil for fruit cultivation: Diamond foil. With the emphasis on dosing, controlling, letting through and spreading sunlight.

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