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19 July 2023

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Carmo wooden posts?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Carmo wooden posts?

There will be a ban on creosoted wood from 30 April 2023. The European Commission decided on 14 October 2022 that creosoted wood will be banned from 30 April 2023. Creosoted wood is widely used within the agricultural sector. Creosote contains or may contain carcinogenic substances and therefore these posts should no longer be used. Carmo wooden posts are not creosoted and are qualitatively the best wooden post available on the market. Do we think so? Yes! But is it also proven? Yes! Why should you use Carmo wooden posts in fruit canopies, as support posts in the orchard or as fence posts? In this blog, you will read all about the price, problems, advantages, alternatives and suppliers of Carmo wooden posts.

What are the advantages of Carmo wooden posts?

Of course, every wooden pole has its disadvantages. You can also read about the disadvantages of Carmo posts in this blog. First, the advantages of Carmo wooden posts:

1. Lifespan

Carmo wooden posts have an incredibly long lifespan. Underlined, of course, by a 20-year guarantee. Does that mean Carmo wooden posts only last 20 years? No! Carmo wooden posts are still standing after 50 years in vineyards all over the world, for example! Read more about the guarantee here.

2. Reliability

Carmo houten palen hebben de beste mechanische sterkte en zijn daardoor zeer betrouwbaar. Dit komt door de kwaliteit van de “grondstof”, geavanceerde productietechnieken en een juiste behandeling! Lees hier meer over de kwaliteitscontrole bij Carmo houten palen.

3. Duurzaamheid

The Carmo wooden post has a long lifespan, which makes it durable. Carmo wooden posts can also be reused and recycled. Also, the posts also come from sustainable, managed forests. So no trees are unnecessarily cut down to produce Carmo wooden posts. Read more about the production of Carmo wooden posts here.

These 3 points already provide 3 important advantages for the Carmo wooden pole. Of course, there are more advantages, but the full guarantee is the real guarantee that Carmo wooden posts are of very high quality!

What are the problems with Carmo wooden posts?

Of course, there are not only advantages to Carmo wooden posts. Below you can read about the disadvantages of Carmo wooden posts:


Carmo wooden posts are not cheap. The advantages mentioned also come with a price tag. As with any wooden post, the price of Carmo wooden posts also depends on the thickness and length required. The advantage with Carmo wooden posts is that if you buy substantial quantities (from about 500 pieces onwards), you have more advantageous prices! The price for a Carmo wooden post 11/13 5.5m long, for example, is around €50 each!

2. Delivery time

Carmo wooden poles are actually not in stock in the Netherlands. The stock is in Portugal and when not in stock it is produced per request. This may result in a longer delivery time. There is only one supplier in the Netherlands (Northern Europe) of Carmo wooden posts: FruitSecurity Holland. Which has a small quantity of poles in stock.

3.Do not rot

Carmo wooden posts do not rot. So when you buy Carmo wooden posts, you are stuck with them for at least 50 years😊! Read more about why Carmo wooden posts are the best tested.

What alternatives are there to Carmo wooden posts?

Comparing Carmo wooden posts with alternatives can be invaluable for you if you are looking for the best quality and price wooden posts. It is important to see which provider is open about the advantages (most are) and disadvantages or problems. This will make your choice easier.

Dura2 posts

Dura2 wooden posts are similar to Carmo wooden posts. Dura2 stands for quality squared. These wooden posts are double-treated. Dura2 wooden posts also have a guarantee of up to 25 years. Dura2 wooden posts are produced by CIBB/Palenbedrijf Lenaers. Dura2 posts are mainly used for fencing.

Tanalith posts

Tanalith wooden posts can be an alternative to Carmo wooden posts. Tanalith posts are pricier than Carmo wooden posts. Qualitatively, there is a lot of difference between tanalith wooden posts and there is also no guarantee from the suppliers.

Robinia wooden posts

Robinia wooden posts are similar to Carmo wooden posts. However, these posts also carry no warranty from the supplier or manufacturer. However, tests and trials have shown that acacia wood, the wood species of Robinia wooden posts, is a good wood species with a long lifespan.

What can I use Carmo wooden posts for?

You can use Carmo wooden posts for any application. Only what are Carmo wooden posts most often used for?

Fruit canopies

From various tests, Carmo wooden posts have emerged as the best wooden post for fruit growing. Hail net shelters, rain shelters and tree supports are best executed with Carmo wooden posts. Click here to view the tests.


With fruit canopies, you sometimes also have to deal with headlands. With headlands, high-quality wooden posts should be used. Carmo wooden posts are reliable wooden posts for headlands with hail netting and rain film systems. Read all about headlands here.


Carmo wooden posts are widely used in vineyards around the world. Carmo wooden posts give the vineyard a more natural look. This is in contrast to steel posts or concrete posts. Did you know that the Jacket Vineyard System with hail nets can be implemented well on Carmo wooden posts?

Wind hedge or windbreak system

Compressive strength, Torsion (turning), Bending/elasticity and durability are important elements in wooden posts. Carmo wooden posts came out best in these tests. In a windbreak or windbreak system with shade nets, for instance, a solid construction is important. We have seen plenty of windbreak systems fall over. Using the right wooden posts, such as Carmo wooden posts, in addition to the rest of the construction, ensures that your windbreak system will remain standing!


Carmo wooden posts can also be used well for fences and fencing. For example, a fence for a horse paddock, riding arena, horse walker or lunging circle. Carmo wooden posts in combination with Bayco wire are proven effective. Bayco wire is an all-plastic polyamide wire. Bayco wire is kind to humans and animals and holds tension well. Experience even shows that Bayco wire remains in tension after 15 years!

Who can install Carmo wooden posts?

You can of course install a small number of Carmo wooden posts yourself. However, if you need to install a fruit cover, vineyard or windbreak system, it is easier to have a contractor install the Carmo wooden posts. FruitSecurity Holland can help you with a GPS 2D and 3D design and a DWG plotting file so that your Carmo wooden posts are pushed in the right place. Which contractors can install Carmo wooden posts? Contact us for the best companys in your region!

Need help making the right choice?

Need help making the right choice in wooden posts? At FruitSecurity Holland, we give an honest and clear overview of the advantages, disadvantages, alternatives of Carmo wooden posts. We help you with articles and information so you can make the right decision. Curious about the possibilities of Carmo wooden posts? Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation. We will be happy to help you!

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Rick Mudde

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