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Latest news

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11 December 2023

What rain covers does FruitSecurity have?

What rain covers does FruitSecurity have?

FruitSecurity Holland provides various solutions for different crops. In 2023, FruitSecurity Holland has 12 covering systems in their product range. Most of these fruit covering systems have been conceived and designed by FruitSecurity GmbH, but we have also conceived and designed coverings ourselves.

The 4 rain protection systems

FruitSecurity Holland has 4 rain cover systems and also supplies tunnel film and a special hail net system for blueberries.

The PowerFlex system

The PowerFlex foil system is the very first rain canopy supplied by FruitSecurity Holland. This system is an elastic but strong system that is ironclad due to this combination. The system was conceived and developed for cherry cultivation, but nowadays other crops such as strawberries, berries, blackberries and raspberries also grow under it.

Easy to open and close, this fruit canopy fully protects against rain, birds and insects.

This film cover is available in various shapes:

  1. Film
  2. 2-layer: hail nets and film
    1. This system allows the film to be closed at the last moment (when the cherries are already almost red). The hail nets are then rolled out months before the film.
  3. Film with insect net
    1. With this system, there is insect netting in the gutter and around the system. This completely blocks the Suzuki fly.

The PowerFlex has excellent ventilation despite being closed, watch this video for more information: 

The automatic PowerFlex system

FruitSecurity has developed an automatic film system. This allows the canopy to be easily opened or closed several times a year.

This automatic protection system has already been extensively tested and will be installed at the first cherry grower in 2024. Fruit growing is becoming increasingly automated and insightful. In the future, it will be important that the climate can be optimally controlled. Automatic fruit canopies are a good example of this.

Want to know more about this system? Get in touch with us!

FS rolling protection system

2023 FruitSecurity Holland has developed a roll cover in collaboration with Fruit Support Europe (FSE). FSE already had a roll cover in its range earlier. FruitSecurity Holland and FSE now supply their own roll cover in collaboration. This rolling cover can be easily rolled up to regulate the best climate.

This roll cover will be built for the first time in 2024, but the principles of the roll cover have been known in fruit growing for years. Except for some improvements, such as power and assembly speed, the system is old and familiar.

The system can be rolled up with hand winches and is secured with straps in the gutter.

Anti-rain system

The Anti rain system is designed to be easy to open and close. The system can be opened and closed more often in a year. The Antiregen system is based on the Powerflex film system. Instead of woven film and thermoplastic, anti-rain netting is used.

This anti-rain net creates a light mist when it rains, which can benefit the climate under the canopy. This system is not ideal for cherries, but can be used very well for other fruits.

In conclusion

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