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Windbreak System

Windbreak System

Protecting crops against strong winds and sun?


Windbreak System

Why buy a windbreak system?

Shade netting or windbreak netting is used to protect crops against strong winds. Windbreak net not only protects against strong winds, but also against the sun. Especially in an open landscape or in an orchard that catches more wind than standard, a windbreak system offers solutions. Flattened crops, broken branches, damaged leaves, rough fruit or sand driven away are a thing of the past with a windbreak construction.

Shade netting or windbreak netting?

What is the difference between a shade net and windbreak netting? Nothing at all! Different names have arisen within the industry over the years for the same thing. Shade netting, windbreak mesh, windbreak netting are all the same thing and are therefore used for the same application.

Application of windbreak system

Effectiveness of the windbreak system

The name says it all, a system which should break the wind. Therefore, the most important thing about a windbreak system is its strength. There are different types of windbreak systems. Making the right choice is important. We often see systems that collapse due to wrong choices in construction. Have your windbreak system calculated 2D and 3D by FruitSecurity Holland and avoid surprises afterwards.

Windbreak system in practice

Calculating the correct materials and distances is very important. Constructions with Carmo wooden posts, screw anchors and Bayco wire are proven constructions from practical experience.

What is windbreak net made of?

Windbreak net is made of HDPE. This is a high-density poyethylene. The windbreak nets are resistant to UV radiation due to additives that have been added to achieve a desirable KLY value. The KLY value is a determination of how the nets are protected and largely determines the life span of the windbreak net.

Protection against the sun

Windbreak netting or shade netting also offer a solution for shade-loving crops. Shade netting is the solution for leaf burn and fruit burn.


Windbreak nets windbreak netting
Automotive video

Windbreak system 3D

Meet FruitSecurity Holland's Windbreak system in this video.

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