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Woven foil

Woven film consists of woven strips. This woven network of strips ensures a strong and robust film. The woven foil is laminated on at least one side to ensure that it is waterproof. The edges are reinforced with a reinforced web. The plakets are mounted on this edges. Woven film can also be produced with insect net on the edge. A strip of insect net is then sewn into the reinforced strip. In this way, the system can provide protection against insects and birds. In addition to rain protection, without the need to install hail netting above the film. A pattern of punched holes on the foil indicates the size to mount the plakets on. The elastic band for attaching the insectnet is also attached to the holes.

Elasticrope 10mm
Elasticrope 10mm
delivery time 4-5 weeks


  • Thickness: >= at least 150 microns
  • Edge thickness: >= at least 1570 micron
  • Stabilised against U.V. rays.
  • The foil is diffuse. This means that the sun's rays are refracted and the light is diffused under the canopy. This gives a better uniformity of the crop.

The woven foil offers protection against rain, hail, strong wind and direct sunlight.


The woven film has excellent properties in the Powerflex Film System. Research has shown that the film retains the heat during frost and has a cooling effect during heat. The woven film therefore has an insulating effect.

  • Outdoor temperatures in the open (°C) -1 | 0 | 10| 15| 20| 25| 28| 30| 35| 40
  • Internal temperatures under the foil (°C) 1| 2| 15| 22| 28| 25| 27| 28| 32| 35

Powerflex Foil System

Woven foil can be used in the right system as protection against frost and direct sunlight, giving a better climate under the foil cover. The Powerflex Foil System uses woven foil. The woven film is used for growing cherries in a cherry canopy and blueberries, blackberries and raspberries in a soft fruit canopy. Woven foil is increasingly used in the Powerflex Foil System above apples and pears. The film protects the apple and pear trees from the rain. Because the trees do not get wet, the infection pressure is much lower and less crop protection is required. Woven foil could also be an interesting solution to combine solar panels with cultivation and protection.