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Tree nursery

Tree nursery

In the 21st century, tree growers are directly affected by climate change.

Protect your trees from hail and heavy rains

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More and more often, their business is being attacked by extreme weather in the form of heavy rainfall or heavy hail showers.

This endangers the continuity and operational reliability of the company. If an area of trees or ornamental shrubs is damaged by hail, for example, the tree grower cannot comply with his delivery agreements. And if a grower fails to comply with his agreements, this will cost customers in the short and long term. Tree nurseries abroad have been using our roofs for years to protect their crops and to work with more certainty.

In the Netherlands, more and more companies err on the side of caution and choose for a Fruit Security roof. Are you curious and wondering what we can do for you? Then you can always ask us for a specialised quotation without any obligation, based entirely on your wishes and needs.