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Hail can cause enormous damage to cars. Windows can break and the hail can cause enormous dents. It is often not economical to repair the damage. You can have everything well organised for your fleet management, but if your fleet is exposed to heavy hail or snowfall, your operational safety is at risk. The value of your fleet can drop in a matter of minutes.

Insurance companies are also unsure what to do about this and there is often a tug-of-war over the policy conditions and possible compensation. All this, while your customers and relations expect quality and impeccable service. FruitSecurity Holland has been installing car roofs for years, in all kinds of deliveries and countries. In the Netherlands, the weather is becoming more extreme and unreliable. That's why many leasing companies, car rental companies and dealer holdings choose to have their fleet GPS measured and request a customized quote.

Our covers also protect against rain, snow and pollution. Contamination can come in all shapes and sizes, for example bird droppings. Car cleaners have less work or you don't have to go to the car wash. You can save costs in many areas of your business with a car roof. Look, the car industry is reaping the rewards of all the developments and innovations that have been made in the fruit-growing and tree-cultivation sectors. In these sectors, canopies have been installed for years to protect the assets of the grower or nurseryman.

FruitSecurity Holland has various covers for the automotive industry.

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Turtle canopy

The Turtle car roofing system can be adapted to your needs in different variables. The system is effective and quick to install.


Powerlastic system

The Powerlastic car roofing system is characterised by no loss of parking space. Suitable for many different cars, (mini) buses and trucks.


Who are whe

Meet the FruitSecurity Holland team. You can reach us in all possible ways.

Gerben van Veldhuizen

General director
Gerben van Veldhuizen

Gerben van Veldhuizen is the founder and owner of FruitSecurity Holland. From the company HagelnetMontage.nl Gerben founded, together with Teus de Jong, FruitSecurity Holland. As Managing Director Gerben takes care of: optimal customer relations, staff welfare and everything related.

Teus de Jong

Technical director/GPS
Teus de Jong

Teus de Jong is founder and owner of FruitSecurity Holland. From the company HagelnetMontage.nl, Teus founded FruitSecurity Holland together with Gerben van Veldhuizen. As technical director Teus takes care of: optimal customer relations, testing of systems, new innovations and everything related. Teus is also a GPS designer and calculator.

Rick Mudde

Sales Manager
Rick Mudde

Rick Mudde is Sales Manager at FruitSecurity Holland. Rick coordinates purchasing, sales, deliveries, assembly and everything related.

Jared Zoutewelle

2D&3D Designer
Jared Zoutewelle

Jared Zoutewelle is 2D/3D designer at FruitSecurity Holland. Jared calculates and draws 2D and 3D calculations of the canopies of FruitSecurity Holland based on GPS measurements.

Marco van Dijk

Installation specialist
Marco van Dijk

Marco van Dijk is an installation specialist at FruitSecurity Holland. Marco takes care of the installation and perfect delivery of hail netting and film systems. Marco works mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Hennie Buijs

financial and administration
Hennie Buijs

As the only woman within FruitSecurity Holland, Hennie Buijs takes care of all financial flows of FruitSecurity Holland.

Wilbert Hendriksen

Junior Sales Manager
Wilbert Hendriksen

Wilbert Hendriksen is Junior Sales Manager at FruitSecurity Holland. Wilbert has been specialised in polyethylene film and in the assembly of hail nets and film covers.

Ludo van Haeren

Project manager
Ludo van Haeren

Ludo is project manager installation at FruitSecurity Holland. Together with the assembly Ludo manages the projects of hail nets and foil covers.

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