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Concrete poles type Spinazzè

Concrete poles from FruitSecurity Holland are the Spinazzè concrete poles. An important feature of the Spinazzè concrete piles is the inside, made of harmonious steel, braided strands. These strands are prestressed. That is why the names span concrete or prestressed concrete are also used. Thanks to the inner steel strands, the concrete poles can bend with great elasticity and withstand large forces.

The prestressed concrete posts are periodically tested in extreme conditions to verify their resistance before being installed in orchards or vineyards. Technical information with the most recent test results is available at request.

Concrete Post 10x12 (24 wires)
Concrete Post 10x12 (24 wires)
delivery time 4-5 weeks
Price on request

Concrete poles for covering

Prestressed concrete poles are used as support poles in pear and apple orchards. However, Spinazzè concrete posts are also widely used as concrete posts in covering structures. Covering such as hail nets in pear and apple orchards. Concrete poles also serve as the structure's backbone in film canopies for cherries, raspberries, redcurrants and apricots. The Powerflex Foil System is therefore often installed using Spinazzè concrete poles. More and more often, we see the concrete post in the fencing of meadows, but also in orchards and yards.

Strong concrete poles

The unique thing about Spinazzè concrete poles are the ingredients. The raw materials come from the Piave River. The gravel and sand have unique properties that form a good basis for the poles. The cement that is used is a secret family recipe that makes the strength of the poles unparalleled. The strength of the concrete poles depends on the number of wires in the concrete post. These threads are prestressed. These threads provide the flexibility in the concrete post. Extra wires that are pulled can add a lot of strength to the post. This can be up to 30 percent more force.

Sizes of concrete poles

The various sizes of the poles are there to be used for a specific purpose.

  • Concrete post 7x7 8 thread weighs 11 kg per metre suitable for vineyard, fruit support and small fruit plots;
  • Concrete post 7x7 12 thread weighs 11 kg per metre. Suitable for vineyards, fruit support and more resistant to mechanical treatment in the orchard;
  • Concrete post 7x8 12 threaded weighs 12.8 kg per metre. Suitable for vineyard and fruit support in large parcels and windy regions;
  • Concrete post 7x8 18 thread reinforced weighs 12.8 kg per metre. Pre-eminently suitable for hail nets and support poles in the orchard;
  • Concrete post 8.5x8.5 12 thread reinforced weighs 16.5 kg per metre. Robust post for orchards and vineyards. Used with hail nets in traditional plantings but also with the Flat hail net system (three-row system);
  • Concrete post 8.5x8.5 18 thread reinforced weighs 16.5 kg per metre. Suitable for hail nets, Powerflex Foil systems but also for high plantings, this reinforced post is used;
  • Concrete post 9x9.5 12 thread reinforced. Weighs 20 kg per metre. Suitable as an end post in vineyards and orchards. Standard version;
  • Concrete post 9X9.5 18 thread reinforced. Weighs 20 kg per metre.  Suitable for use as an end post in fruit support in orchards and vineyards. Especially recommended for apple and pear varieties with a high yield. This post is also used as an end post and corner post in hail nets and film covering.
  • Concrete post 10x12 18 thread reinforced. Weighs 25 kg per metre. Robust end post for anti-hail nets and film covers. This standard version is the most popular end post in orchards with hail nets and/or foil covers;
  • Concrete post 10x12 24 thread reinforced. Weighs 25 kg per metre. This extra-reinforced post is 30% stronger, especially for longer lengths. Definitely recommended for large parcels of fruit shelters such as hail nets and rain covers;
  • Concrete post 13x14 36 thread reinforced weighs 45 kg per metre. Suitable as corner posts for hail nets and rain canopies.