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Traditional hail net

Traditional hail net

Innovative solution for fruit growers

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Traditional hail net system

The WIESEL system is an innovative solution for fruit growers. This system has been developed for fruit growers in order to provide the best solution for harvest security. It is based on many years of professional experience and a unique spirit of invention. The system guarantees optimum safety standards, impressive functionality and high durability.


A characteristic of the Traditional Hail Netting System is that there are posts in each row. Because there are posts in each row, the system can also be used to support the trees. A sustainable solution, therefore. The Traditional Hail Netting System is the first system designed with the longitudinal and transversal wires on top of the post head. This makes the construction of the system rock solid and it can withstand the most intensive rainfall. In technical jargon, this is also referred to as grid formation. Due to the lattice formation (longitudinal and transverse threads at the head of the pile), the increasing load is evenly distributed across the structure.

Drainage system

By installing the cross wire over the hail netting, there is no longer any need for an underlying cross wire. In this way, hail can be discharged better and more regularly. And thanks to the installation of the cross wire over the hail net, more working space is available in the path of the machines (in the row of trees).

hailnet system

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In our knowledge centre, we answer every question about hailnets.

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The anchoring is the most important part of the system. The advice is to keep enough distance between the post and the anchor. For the Traditional Hail Netting System an anchor distance of at least 2.5m is advised. FruitSecurity Holland has an anchor for every type of soil. From the softest soil to the most stony soil. If there is any doubt about the type of soil, we will first test the screw anchor for sufficient resistance. A tensile strength of 2.5 to 3 tons is required.

Hail nets

FruitSecurity Holland has developed its own type of hail net. The hail net type WIESEL with a mesh size of 2.8mm x 8.7mm is the optimal protection against small and large hail stones. Different colours of hail nets can be chosen. FruitSecurity Holland supplies hail nets in the colours: Crystal, Grey, Black, Light Grey and Milk White. If you need a different colour, this is possible after consultation. The colour of the hail nets depends on the variety and the light conditions in the orchard.

Winter storage

The WIESEL Winterfix is the fastest, simplest and most economical solution for the winter storage of hail nets. It is easy to assemble and can remain in the orchard all year round.

Plaques and clips

The attachment of the hail nets to the ridge wire is another important point. For this, a net cam clip is used. The net cam clip fixes the netting only at a few, specific points. As a result, the hail net still has sufficient room to move. In case of (strong) wind it does not move at the same point. This benefits the service life of the hail net.

The WIESEL anti-hail net model 13 is perfect for use with the traditional anti-hail net system. It is extremely stable and causes minimum spreading damage. It makes it easy to open and close the hail net system. And an additional advantage is that the plaque is dismountable.

FruitSecurity devises, supplies and installs

FruitSecurity Holland has years of experience in the protection of fruit trees. We are also active in protecting plants, shrubs and trees at tree nurseries and even cars.

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