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Investment overview

Investment overview

What does a foil or hail net cover cost?

Price hail net cover

The cost of traditional hail nets in fruit growing is €23,500 per hectare. This is the cost of the materials. The materials then have to be installed. For installation, the cost is about €12,500,- per hectare.

So the total investment is €36.000,- for 1 hectare of hail net cover.

The cost for a three-row system or flat hail net is €25,500,- per hectare. This is because the system is slightly heavier. Assembly costs for the flat hail net are also about €12,500,- per hectare. 

So the total investment is €38.000,- for 1 hectare of flat hail net.

*These costs vary by situation, want to know what the investment is in your case? Contact us here!


Price PowerFlex Foil Cover 

The cost of the PowerFlex Foil System is between €50,000 and €60,000 per hectare. This is the cost of materials. The materials must then still be installed. For installation, the costs are about €25,000.

So the total investment is about €85,000,- for 1 hectare of PowerFlex rain cover.

The cost may vary which type of system you take. If it is a system with only woven film it costs €50,000,- per hectare. Options to have the system give protection against insects such as the Suzuki fly give about an additional cost of €10,000,- per hectare. A system combined with hail net and foil costs €60,000,- per hectare.

*These costs vary by situation, want to know what the investment is in your case? Contact us here!


Factors that affect the price

FruitSecurity Holland and the other cover suppliers have not stood still in recent years. Every year we are looking to make the covers even more affordable for you. Still, it is also important that your cover can actually protect your crops. So that you can trust it during bad weather. 

Every system is different and every system has a different price tag. The following 5 factors influence each hectare price of a cover:

  • Surface 

The larger the area of the plot, the more favorable it is to the price. This is because the anchoring is the most expensive. By this I mean a thicker post at the end, with an anchor, a cable and an anti-sinking plate. In the middle of the plot, this is not necessary. So the larger the plot, the better the proportions.

  • Quality of materials

There are many clips, nets, foils, posts, anchors available on the market. The right quality is needed for longevity. A lot can be saved on foils and nets. But in the long run, good quality is an advantage. When the lifespan is optimal, it saves a lot in costs over time.

  • Soil type

Most types of soil on which crops are grown do not present any problems for the installation of a cover. However, if the soil type is very hard or contains many stones, the installation of posts and anchors will take more time. The holes for the posts will then have to be pre-drilled and anchors vibrated or hammered. But soft soil, on the other hand, which offers little resistance requires larger anchors.

  • Distances

The biggest influence on the cost of covers, however, is the distance at which the poles are placed. The greater the post distance the cheaper the system becomes. Covers need to be wind stable. Therefore, you want to use the post distance as optimally as possible. Does the system have to be wind resistant? Then the advice is to use a smaller post distance.

  • Parcel shape

The most convenient shape is rectangular. However, most plots are of a different shape. This is not a problem in installation, but may incur additional costs. However, this is not always the case.

Traditioneel hagelnet systeem
Hardfruit video

Why hail netting? 

See how hail nets are installed over a fruit orchard in this video.

Price difference wood or concrete posts?

Do wooden posts and concrete posts matter for the price of hail net cover? 

The difference for the traditional hail net system:

  • Wooden poles cost per hectare €12,500,-
  • Concrete poles cost per hectare €7,800,-

For the flat hail net system (three-row system):

  • Wooden poles cost per hectare €14,200,-
  • Concrete poles cost per hectare €9,500,-

For installation and assembly, there is no distinction between wooden posts or concrete posts.

Wooden posts can look a little friendlier in the orchard. Do pay attention to the quality poles you buy. Again, there is junk on the market. Poles that crack quickly can be questioned.

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