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Carmo pole.

Carmo pole.

Exclusive dealership.


The strongest wood for durable protection

Unlike most (Kiefer) posts of the wood species Pinus Sylvestris, the Carmo posts are of the wood species Pinus Pinaster. This type of wood is characterised by its structure and stronger fibres. The posts are peeled, so the core is always retained and the post is proven stronger than milled wooden posts. Carmo posts are the highest quality posts. This is also necessary for reliable and good planting.

FruitSecurity Holland is exclusive dealer of Carmo

Knowing where the product comes from and reliability of the product are highly valued by FruitSecurity Holland. Therefore, FruitSecurity Holland has started an exclusive partnership with Carmo Wood for wooden posts for Northern Europe.


Carmo wooden poles are produced from slow growing pine trees from temperate and sustainable forests, in other words, carefully managed by man. Carmo wooden posts are made in countries with sand or mountains, which gives them a high mechanical resistance.


Unlike most (Kiefer) wooden poles made of Pinus sylvestris, Carmo wooden poles are of the Pinus pinaster species. This type of wood is different in structure and has stronger fibres. The posts are peeled, thus the core is always retained and the post is proven stronger than milled wooden posts. Carmo posts are the highest quality posts. This is also necessary for reliable and good planting.
A 20-year full guarantee is given on Carmo wooden posts. This means that it will always be fully reimbursed should the wooden pile rot. Carmo Wood can give a 20-year full guarantee because Carmo Wood is certain of the quality of its posts.

Guarantee certificate Carmo


The FCBA quality mark, which is the independent body that monitors the quality of the poles, has a guideline that class 4 wood must be treated with at least 15L Tanalith per m³ wood. Our Carmo poles are treated with 28L per m³.

Carmo poles in the orchard

Tanalith 8001

The biggest difference is in the humidity. The Carmo wooden poles are treated when the humidity is between 18% and 20%. The posts are treated with Tanalith 8001. This product contains an additive against copper resistant moulds. There are many other types of Tanalith, but none of them contains an anti-fungal additive. This is why FruitSecurity Holland has chosen Tanalith 8001. The colour of the posts alone shows that there is more agent in them.

FruitSecurity devises, supplies and installs

FruitSecurity Holland has years of experience in the protection of fruit trees. We are also active in protecting plants, shrubs and trees at tree nurseries and even cars.

Who are we

A roofing system from FruitSecurity Holland is an investment for years. Therefore, it is important to maintain the system annually. The FruitSecurity Holland maintenance plan will ensure periodic maintenance and will extend the life of your canopy.

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