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WIESEL Frost Oven

Frost can be a major threat to orchards in the spring. Much of the harvest can be destroyed even when it is in the blossom stage. FruitSecurity has found an economical solution with the frost oven. The WIESEL Frost Oven is very easy to use in the orchard. By means of brackets, the Frost Oven can be easily hung on the (support) poles between the trees. When you are ready to use the oven, just take it off the pole and place it in the middle of the row of trees.


The WIESEL Frost Oven is the solution from Fruitsecurity for combating frost in the orchard. The Frost Oven heats up your orchard powerfully and quickly through the use of wood or peat briquettes or your own waste wood. The frost furnace is easy to light and ensures a stable, high temperature. Peat warms up the orchard 2 to 3.5 °C within a radius of 2.5 metres, and wood briquettes can even warm up the temperature 2 to 5 °C. The total burning time is up to 6 hours and topping up during burning is possible to create a longer burning time if the frost unexpectedly persists in the early morning.


There are various systems for fighting frost in your orchard. What all systems have in common is that they require a relatively large amount of manpower in preparation and extra logistical effort (storage and transport). Refilling the Frost Oven can also be done in the orchard. After which it remains stored in the oven until use. This saves storage space and time at night. To compare the efficiency of the Frost Oven with frost candles, 2 measurements/tests have been carried out in 2 test orchards. Here two identical plots were used. The first was equipped with Frost ovens and the second with candles. The plots were equipped with temperature sensors at the same heights and distances from the heat sources. With the wood briquettes and peat briquettes in the WIESEL Frost Oven, a considerably higher heating rate was achieved in a radius of 3 metres around the oven. The frost candles had a much lower heating effect. The big advantage of the Frost Oven is also the possibility of using cheap fuels and simply adding fuel if the frost lasts longer unexpectedly in the early morning.


The effectiveness of frost protection depends on the temperature increase achieved and the time this increase lasts. With peat and wood briquettes the Frostoven easily achieves a high ignition temperature that warms up the perimeter of the oven by 2-4 degrees Celsius. This prevents fruit from freezing to death at night and protects your harvest from the very beginning. If the frost should unexpectedly extend into the early morning, the Wiesel Frost Oven can simply be kept burning longer by adding extra fuel. This is a great advantage of our oven over, for example, frost candles which cannot easily handle a small amount of extra fuel effectively.