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Insect net in Gelderland

Insect net in Gelderland

Harvest security through crop protection.


Insect nets in Gelderland

The Betuwe is a well-known region in Gelderland, which is particularly well known for its fruit cultivation. Of course it is of the utmost importance that fruit growers do not lose their fruit due to e.g. insect pests (Suzuki's fruit fly) or birds. FruitSecurity Holland has the solution for optimal protection of the harvest and delivers high quality insect nets for fruit growers in Gelderland and throughout the Netherlands.

Alternative pesticides for the Gelderland fruit crop

A not unimportant detail is that the insect net is a good alternative for (chemical) pesticides to ensure the safety of the Gelderland fruit crop. A sustainable solution for the growing demand from the market for crops that are grown safely. In this way you, as a grower in Gelderland, also contribute to a sustainable future.

The insect net against fruit flies and birds

The insect net from FruitSecurity Holland is fine mesh and made of plastic fabric and protects Gelderland crops from harmful insects and birds. The insect net protects the harvest of different crops such as: plants, soft fruit and cannabis. Because the material is so fine-meshed, it is an excellent tool to keep out especially the infamous Suzuki fruit fly. This fruit fly, which was originally found only in Asia, has unfortunately also found its way to Gelderland and mainly affects strawberries, raspberries, cherries, grapes, blackberries, blueberries and other soft fruits.

Eggs of the Suzuki fruit fly are laid in ripening fruit, especially those with thin skin. Normal fruit flies can be found near rotting fruit, but unfortunately the Suzuki fruit fly also affects good fruit. The insect net of FruitSecurity Holland can be used to keep this insect species away, so every fruit grower in Gelderland will see his or her harvest well protected and turnover will not be endangered. With a mesh opening of up to 1 mm2, no fruit fly will get through the insect net of FruitSecurity Holland. A commonly used insect net is Mesh 40.

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KLY value and DRT

The insect net lasts a long time because of the UV stabilizers, which slow down the aging process of the plastic the net is made of. The KLY value of our Gelderland insect net is on average 600 KLY, far above the average in the Netherlands. The insect net lowers spray drift, putting all spraying techniques in a higher DRT class.

Hagelnet systems

FruitSecurity Holland devises, supplies and installs

Also watch video's on our YouTube channel: FruitSecurity Holland

Tax breaks for growers in Gelderland

Good to know for growers in Gelderland: thanks to the existence of the MIA and Vamil subsidies (only Dutch information available), they have a tax advantage when they invest in insect nets, because damage to fruit can be reduced by these insect nets as well as the use of chemical pesticides. An extra advantage for growers in Gelderland with a valuable fruit crop that should not be damaged.

Warehouse in Ede

As a Gelderland company we have our warehouse in Ede, and with a large stock of insect nets FruitSecurity Holland is able to deliver directly to growers.

Color and dimensions of the insect net

The insect net is available in the colors white and black and has standard widths of 2 to 5 m. Because we have our own sewing workshop, we can also supply custom-made nets to any grower in Gelderland on request.

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Gerben van Veldhuizen

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Gerben van Veldhuizen

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Gerben van Veldhuizen

Gerben van Veldhuizen is founder and owner of FruitSecurity Holland. From Gerben founded, together with Teus de Jong, FruitSecurity Holland. As an innovative entrepreneur Gerben is responsible for the general management within FruitSecurity Holland.

Teus de Jong

Technical director
Teus de Jong

Teus de Jong is founder and owner of FruitSecurity Holland. From, Teus founded FruitSecurity Holland together with Gerben van Veldhuizen. As technical director, Teus is responsible for the implementation of the assembly of all systems of FruitSecurity Holland.

Rick Mudde

Sales Manager Office
Rick Mudde

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Jared Zoutewelle

Jared Zoutewelle is 2D/3D designer at FruitSecurity Holland. Jared calculates and draws 2D and 3D calculations of the canopies of FruitSecurity Holland based on GPS measurements.

Wilbert Hendriksen

Junior Sales Manager
Wilbert Hendriksen

Wilbert Hendriksen is Sales Manager at FruitSecurity Holland. Wilbert is specialized in the sale of polyethylene film and takes care of the incoming and outgoing goods at FruitSecurity Holland.

Jacco Diepeveen

Project Manager
Jacco Diepeveen

Jacco Diepeveen is project manager at FruitSecurity Holland. Jacco is the link between inside and outside service for the installation. Jacco has experience in leadership positions.

Lisanne Stemerding

Lisanne Stemerding

Lisanne is the administrative assistant within FruitSecurity Holland. Lisanne is responsible for all financial flows and is your contact person for finance.

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