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21 February 2023

Pros and cons of Cherry canopies

Pros and cons of Cherry canopies

In this blog, we write about everything you want to know before you decide to buy a cherry canopy, rain system or whatever you want to call it.

As a cherry grower, you only have one goal: to produce and sell a successful crop. This means you are often busy maintaining and nurturing your cherry trees. You try to get the best out of your farm by steering with fertilisation, irrigation, crop protection and pest control. You also have to be involved in the strategy to sell your crop in the best possible way. You are in constant contact with your buyers and distributors and try to build a good relationship with your customer.

To get the best possible product, you always look at improving the quality and taste of your cherries. You are constantly looking at new varieties coming onto the market. You want to be able to produce more and more efficiently and you are therefore interested in all new innovations in the fruit-growing sector. 

Because as a cherry grower, you want to make the right choices, we want to help you by listing the top 5 pros and cons of rain protection systems.

I'll start with five disadvantages:

1. Cost:

Film canopies are cost-prohibitive. Installing rain shelters is expensive. Maintenance and possible replacement of film are costs you should seriously factor into your budget.

2. Limited ventilation:

Installing rain covers makes a serious change to the climate under your canopy. Airflow is restricted because the wind is blocked by foil and nets. This can increase the risk of diseases and pests. Too high a temperature can also give poor-quality cherries.

3. Weather damage:

Rain protection systems are more sensitive than hail nets, for example, to strong winds. Combinations of strong winds or heavy driving rain can also cause damage to the system.

4. Reduced pollination:

Bees find it difficult to find their way to the flower under a closed film canopy. This is probably because film blocks certain UV radiation. These probably use bijeen to navigate on.  This can reduce pollination which results in lesser settlement.

5. Loss of flavour:

Some consumers prefer a traditional cherry flavour that has ripened outside and enjoyed plenty of sunshine. Newer cherry varieties eliminate some of this problem but there are always customers who prefer cherries that come from 'outside'.

There are several advantages to mention for growing cherries under a covering system. Read the Top 5 advantages of a cherry foil system here:

1. Weather protection:

A rain cover protects against various weather conditions such as: Hail, wind, rain and frost. This keeps your plantings healthier and can increase the yield and quality of your crop.

2. Protection against pests and diseases:

Covers help to protect your plantings from pests and diseases. Organisms have no or less access to the planting. This can greatly reduce your use of pesticides and increase the quality of your harvest.

3. Extends growing season:

By closing canopies early, your growing season can start earlier. Because you have crop protection, you can leave your harvest hanging longer. Your growing season can also be extended by using rain shelters.

4. Improved quality of cherries:

Protection from weather and pests can improve the quality of cherries. The cherries can become bigger, sweeter and juicier, making them more attractive to consumers.

5. More efficient use of resources:

By using a cover, cherry growers are more efficient in using resources such as fertilisers and water. This is because it can be given to the trees in a much more controlled way. This leads to lower costs and higher yields.

With these top 5 pros and cons of cherry canopies, we hope to help you make the best choices for your farm. At FruitSecurity Holland, our mission is to help every grower get a good harvest. Only you as a grower know what suits you best. Do you want to know what the best choice is for your farm?

Gerben van Veldhuizen - FruitSecurity Holland

Gerben van Veldhuizen

CEO & fruitprotection specialist

My mission is to help as many fruit growers as possible get a good harvest.
So that fruit damage can be prevented, no delivery problems occur, and fruit growers can harvest successfully!